Get to Know 5 Applications AI to Fintech

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Get to Know 5 Applications AI to Fintech

FinTech is a name we give to describe the technology we use to harness the financial industry. It is a new tech that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services. 

By using AI to analyze big data trends, we have the potential to help companies to achieve their goals. Therefore, it can also reduce operational costs and improve internal processes efficiency.

In this article, we will get to know five applications of AI in the field of fintech.

Digital Financial Advisor (Automated Financial Coach)

In finance, we use automated/digital finance assistants to offer financial advising services for users. This technology also helps assist users in making financial decisions.

Often called “Robo-Advisors”, these systems will help users to monitor events and price trends, navigate their financial plans, savings, and also spendings. This way, users can make better financial decisions based on recommendations.

An example of a digital financial advisor is transactional bots. For instance, their implementations are increasing rapidly and have become one of the most popular use cases in AI, across all industries.

Insurances Management

With the help of artificial intelligence, insurance management will automate the underwriting process and provide more truthful information. Importantly, just like the digital financial advisor, this will help to make better decisions for the customers.

By linking several data sets, automatic agents can speed up the process and assist the user online in determining insurance requirements. 

In addition, this technology can determine risk levels based on users’ activities. In addition, the application of AI in insurance management will help to calculate the probabilities of diseases to prevent them. 

Along with that, there are some other benefits that we get from insurance management, which are reducing the costs and speeding up the process of extracting raw data into conclusions.

Decision Making

At this time, FinTech apps are developing new ways to transform complicated data into understandable insights for users. This way, they can use those results to improve their decision-making.

Insurance leaders and banking agents use AI to lower the cost of extracting data. FinTech apps are able to ask the right questions and analyze the data.

With the help of AI, stakeholders can improve the quality of their judgments by making data-driven decisions that will give more benefit to people.

Customer Support

One of the AI applications that we often discover online is bots. Hence, FinTech companies use this technology to solve customer issues by interacting directly with users.

This way, chatbots allow companies to reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

In the future, customer support in the form of mobile applications will become more common. This means that we will need this technology to solve customer issues and improve customers’ experience.

Now, we ate moving the physical activities to online. We also turn the casual conversations between customer services and us into technology-based communication. We often find it as a chatbox and personal assistant.

With the help of AI, those “artificial” conversations are delivered in a more human-like way. AI will learn to provide customer service and expert advice at a low cost.


Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning have their own ways to perform an effective calculation of huge data to translate them into understandable results. However, these apps have the power to design the work into a lower cost process while keeping the quality high in extracting relevant data. This will help users to track their spending and receive personalized financial advice and insights.

How about the forecast?

With the help of analysts, a massive amount of data can help companies to find patterns and then predict the future through data extraction and data mining.

These results insights can help us to predict what will happen next. Finally, we can predict what the customers are going to buy, what are going to be trends, etc.

Those are the five applications of artificial intelligence (AI) to FinTech.

In conclusion, we can learn that AI can help FinTech to survive the times in many conditions. To sum up, you can watch videos about 5 advanced technology in the future here.

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