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Making mobile applications aims to make it easier for clients or customers to access information on company products and services. For the success of making mobile applications, developers have a variety of software that can increase efficiency, and make work easier. The use of the best tools is also one of the keys to the success of a mobile app development project.

Tools for mobile app development are divided into two types, namely native mobile development tools, and cross-platform or hybrid mobile development tools. But in this article, we will focus on discussing native mobile development tools

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Tools for Native App

A novice developer who wants to learn mobile application development will usually study native applications. Native applications are often referred to as original mobile apps. It is a mobile application developed using a programming language that runs on certain devices with the Android, IOS, and other mobile OS.

Android Studio

Android studio by Google is a native mobile development that is easy to understand and use. This native mobile development provides a means of learning to code and making practical applications.


Eclipse is also an IDE same as Android Studio. The main function of using Eclipse itself is to develop applications using the Java programming language. In Eclipse itself there are also many types of plugins for developing applications with other programming languages.

This IDE also serves to create android applications using Java. Many developers around the world are familiar with the concept of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). The concept is closely related to the Java programming language itself.

Android NDK

The Android NDK (Native Developer Kit) is an asset that offers the use of libraries that allow users to take advantage of the C and C# languages ​​to develop android applications. The advantage of this tool is that it allows developers to rearrange program code and can be updated for the application development process.

In addition, the purpose of this tool is to increase the number of android developers who use C and C# languages. This kit can also be integrated with the Eclipse IDE and Visual Studio.


Buddy is a tool that is used not only for developing android applications but can also be integrated with websites. GIT developers can also build and deploy websites with the help of GitHub, GitLab, and BitBucket.

Buddy also integrates with AWS (Amazon Web Service), Google, Azure, and WordPress. Apart from that, another advantage is that it has an intuitive and attractive UI/UX interface. And supports various popular programming languages.


The next android application tool is Longrange. Longrange is a native mobile app development tool that has multiple components. These components include tabs, navigation, forms, and commands. All of these components require the installation of the LongRange serve.

The feature possessed by this tool is that it does not require application development with JavaScript, HTML, or CSS languages. However, only use high-level programming languages ​​like Java, C, etc.

App Inventor

App Inventor is a tool used to create android applications by developers. The owner of this tool is MIT which was previously only used by novice developers. There are lots of tutorials on this tool, and it is imperative that you are familiar with algorithms and data structures.

This application allows users to drag and drop to create visual objects in android applications.

Visual Studio Code

Who does not know this one IDE? UI display that makes it easier for developers to compose program code with color variations given to each code. In addition, Visual Studio is also fairly software that has low specifications and is open source.

The disadvantage of this software is that when you want to use a programming language, you must first install the plugins and assets of each language.

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