3 Best Copywriting Formulas for Digital Marketing

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In digital marketing, additional tools are needed to market products via the internet to achieve digital marketing goals. Digital marketing aims to attract as many consumers as possible quickly and precisely according to the target market of the products offered. Tools used in digital marketing can be social media, blogs, email, or websites.

Then what is the relationship between digital marketing and copywriting skills? Copywriting is the primary weapon in digital marketing because copywriting is a skill in assembling persuasive words in product promotion activities. With good copywriting, you can direct consumers to take action following digital marketing goals.

Copywriting can be used in online advertising, such as display ads, website banners, social media posts, and marketing emails.
Good and structured writing is needed to create effective copywriting to attract buyers. In copywriting, there are several formulas that copywriters can use.

Here are three copywriting formulas that copywriters have widely used to write on digital marketing projects and successfully attract buyers.

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Formula The first formula is often abbreviated as AIDA, which consists of Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. Many advertisers often use this formula in making copywriting. This formula requires the writer to: get the reader’s attention with persuasive writing; pique the reader’s interest in the related product or service; make that reader desire the product or service; and, in the end, call on the reader to take action

An example of using the AIDA formula in copywriting can be seen in advertisements for Apple brand products. AIDA is used throughout Apple’s website to encourage consumers to join — and grow their presence in — its product ecosystem.


Next is the Before-After-Bridge (BAB) formula. To use this formula, the first thing to know is what buyers want and need in the first line of copywriting. Furthermore, the author can use examples to illustrate how other consumers have gotten what they want and how readers can get the same thing as other consumers.

This formula is commonly used for a brand’s email marketing campaign. The success of this formula is because it forces you to present your product in the context of how it will help improve your readers’ lives rather than focusing on features and tools.


The last formula that copywriters have widely used to write advertisements is the PAS formula: Pain, Agitate, Solve. This formula has become one of the writers’ favorite formulas because it works for marketing, from landing pages to flyers.

The PAS formula creates a concise timeline for your writing:
P = Accurately identify the problem.
A = Agitate the problem.
S = Solve the problem with your product or service.

The Problem Agitate Solve method will guide your readers to your desired reaction, whether you’re writing a landing page, a flyer, or a sales letter. By starting with a problem that the audience often faces, the brand or seller finally offers a solution to the problem. PAS formula method will attract the attention of many audiences because some audiences are more interested in a problem that is similar to their condition than the benefits of the product being marketed.

Those are three copywriting formulas that you can use to write an advertisement or other media in digital marketing. By correctly applying the three formulas above, you will get the goals that the brand wants to achieve. Before using the three methods above, make sure you know your target audience, product goals, and issues with the services/goods you offer.

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