5 Techniques that Must be Acquired by Backend Developer

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A career in the digital world is very broad. Opportunities and job opportunities cannot be denied, such as in the marketing and information technology divisions. As we know that in the marketing department, there are currently business development, digital marketing, social media marketing, SEO and many more, but it is important to know that at this time the job that is attracting and being sought by many companies is backend developer.

What is a Backend Developer?

Backend developer is someone responsible to managing servers, applications and database.
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A backend developer is someone responsible for managing servers, applications, and databases so that they are well integrated with each other. They are the best problem solver because they work behind the scenes, all that is not seen by the end-user or interacts directly, but they make an optimal contribution in carrying out their duties. Then what are the techniques in order to become a reliable backend developer?

5 techniques that must be acquired by a backend developer.

Identify Database

Some backend developers think that there is no need to master the database, just normalization or understanding the basics. That’s not the case though. Just making the wrong structure can cause slow API/web application performance.

Fundamental Programing

Conditions, variables, looping, OOP are mandatory things that must be matured, why? Actually, if you are a frontend/mobile dev, you will also meet them, but in the backend you will encounter many conditions and loops, and their difficulty level increases to nested. Mistakes in your algorithm can cause memory leaks or poor performance for the server.

Choose your languages

Actually, all programming languages ​​for the backend are okay, but you have to be able to adjust it according to your needs, you definitely don’t use golang to create a web. Likewise, you are less likely to make analytics using PHP, if you need speed you will choose python/R or Go. Choose a language that is okay with the times such as ruby, Node.js, Python. PHP is still okay

Version control system

Another back end developer skill that needs to be mastered is the Version Control System (VCS) which functions to regulate the version of the code in every website development. With this skill, your work can be more structured because every change is well recorded. Especially if you work in a team.

For example, you are working on a feature on your website. You and your colleagues can work on tasks with different version names. With VCS, you can easily know which version has the best features, and then combine them in a new version. That way, website development is done faster.

API Management

Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of code that allows a piece of software to interact with other software.

You could say, the API function is the same as the language function in humans. By learning the API, you can create interactions between software.

Then, why does a back-end developer need to learn API management?

Because, if you understand the API, you can make your website connect with a lot of software. For example, you can connect a website with an Android application.

Are you ready to become a backend developer???

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career outlook for web development is favorable, as the industry is expected to grow much faster than average. As with most web development careers, location can make a big difference in terms of average salary.

To become a backend developer is not easy, we have to master hard skills and soft skills that have been honed to become the best backend developers, but you need to know there are many ways to become a backend developer, namely you can practice and master programming languages ​​for the first time, by mastering programming languages ​​you can know aspects The most important thing is to be a backend developer.

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