6 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Mechanical Keyboard

6 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Mechanical Keyboard

The keyboard is one of the main components on a PC that functions to send input data in the form of letters, numbers, symbols, to the CPU. But lately, the keyboard is not only judged by its proper main function but also by its performance so that working and playing games can be maximized. One of the most reliable keyboard performances is the mechanical keyboard.

Mechanical keyboards are now very popular because they provide more visionary innovations in a good level of comfort for users because mechanical keyboards are equipped with a spring and wire system so that users do not need to press harder when typing.

Here are some things to note so that we do not choose the wrong keyboard.

1. Switch Type

The first and most important component of a mechanical keyboard is the switch that is used. A switch is a button attached to the keyboard with a function to capture input from the user. Switches are usually divided into 3 types, namely clicky, tactile, and linear. The difference between each type of switch is the typing feel and direction needed when pressing the switch.

2. Hotswap Feature

Hotswap is an advanced development of the previous swappable switch technology. Hotswap or hot-swappable switch is the best feature and excellent for mechanical keyboard users. Users can easily replace every broken switch with a new switch without the need to buy a new keyboard, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

3. Mechanical Keyboard Layouts

Another unique feature is the Keyboard Layout, which is a differentiating feature from membrane keyboards which generally provide Full or 100% Layout. While the Layout feature of the mechanical keyboard will adjust to the needs of its users because it is divided into several types, namely Full Layout (100%), TKL or Tenkeyless (75%, 65%, 60%) which do not have a Numpad, and the smaller the type of layout, the fewer the layout types. owned button.

4. Connectivity

This feature is divided based on 2 types of keyboards, namely wired and wireless. Wireless keyboards are generally used for those of you who want easy mobilization and like to travel or just for use on tablets or smartphones because they are quite easy to carry and don’t need to be complicated with cables. For those of you who only use the keyboard for the desktop or laptop and the user is more often at home or at the office, it would be nice to use the connectivity from a wired keyboard.

5. Backlight Features

The Backlight feature is a lighting feature on the keyboard. Generally, the type of backlight on a mechanical keyboard can be divided into 1 color, multicolor, and RGB. The differences between the three types of backlights are:

1 color: Keyboard lighting has only 1 color and cannot be customized or replaced.

Multicolor: Lighting color is similar to RGB but cannot be changed or programmed

RGB: Each switch has 1 LED and the resulting color combinations are programmable.

6. Mechanical Keyboard Case Material

The aspect that also needs to be considered when buying a keyboard is the material of the keyboard case. Generally, the keyboard casing is made of plastic or aluminum. The casing material will affect the robustness, the sound produced and typing feel of the keyboard. Usually for keyboards with aluminum materials will have a more expensive price than plastic materials.

In fact, there is no one keyboard that is really suitable for all users, therefore many brands, both local and international, provide a wide selection of keyboard types and the various features provided. Make sure the keyboard you choose matches the functions and uses you need.

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