AI in Human Resource: New Trends in Job Recruitment

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AI in Human Resource

Ever wonder that artificial intelligence is the future? Well, everyone has the same goal. Many companies apply this technology to help workers finish their tasks. One of the unexpected jobs that can utilize AI is Human Resources.

Artificial Intelligence allows computers to learn, make and recommend actions using data. This means human resources can apply this technology to streamline processes and increase efficiency. Although, it is quite challenging to keep up the pace with technological change at work.

Benefits of Using AI

Human resources that implement this technology is one of Digital Talent too. Recruiters adapt to technology and use it to help them finish their tasks to make the recruiting process more efficient. And eventually, AI technology is reshaping the industry.

Thanks to the flexibility of AI, it can be implemented in many human resource processes. It becomes widely accepted in the various functions of human resource tasks. For example, big companies like Nestlé create a game that helps the recruitment process and it uses AI. This method is very unique, it brings new and fun experiences for both applicants and recruiters.

Another human resource task that can benefit from AI is data collection. Recruiters face a lot of curriculum vitae and it is exhausting to read all of them and find the right candidates. With the help from AI, this selection process became efficient and the recruiters can focus on other tasks.

Human Resources Challenge in adapting AI

This AI in human resources becomes a new trend as more companies rush to integrate AI into their business. Human Resources Professional needs to understand the challenges that may occur from these trends.

One of the biggest concerns why people are not using AI is because of its security and privacy. The main focus here is to make AI safe and secure to use. In the end, human resources professional has to stay on top of technology as the trends go on.

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