Benefits of Making Website Loading Faster

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A website loading faster is a collection of information in the form of web pages in one domain name and can be accessed through a web browser. Websites have various functions depending on the type. Some are useful for finding the latest information such as media portal websites, for expanding friendships such as social media, even for buying and selling transactions such as marketplaces and e-commerce

User’s activities to access the website will certainly be hampered if the website performance is slow. Slow-loading websites make visitors feel uncomfortable and eventually move to other websites. If you have a website, make sure you optimize the performance of your website so that it loads faster. There are several benefits if you make your website load faster.

Advantages of Having a Website Loading Faster

1. Make Users Comfortable

When someone accesses a website with slow loading, they may immediately leave the website and move to another website that performs faster. Conversely, if a website has a fast performance, this will give the impression of being comfortable and attractive to visitors. So, the potential for increasing the amount of website traffic will be even higher.

Visitors also wouldn’t mind exploring other content on the website. The more visitors who explore website content, the bounce rate will also decrease. Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave the website after visiting just one page. The lower the bounce rate, the better the quality of the website, both in terms of content and performance.

2. Be on the Top Rank of Google

Some SEO experts say that website speed is currently one of the factors that can affect rankings in Google Search. For this reason, making fast website performance is very important so that Google prioritizes it to enter the first page of Google. Even so, speed is certainly not the only thing. However, the quality of the content should be paid more attention to.

3. Increase Sales

Do you have an online store website? Someone who just visited your website doesn’t necessarily make a transaction right away, right? He will look around first, explore your website, then consider.

Imagine if your website is slow, surely that user will not be comfortable and look for similar products on competitors’ websites. In other words, you lose potential buyers.

This is where the importance of making a fast-loading website is. The more visitors who are comfortable exploring your online store website, the greater the opportunity to increase sales.

Tips for Making a Fast Loading Website

How to surmount a website that takes a long time to load? There are various ways that can be done such as reducing image size, reducing unnecessary Plugins, minify Javascript, and choosing the right hosting service.

The quality of hosting really determines the performance of the website. If you have a slow website, please check again, maybe the problem is with the hosting you are using. If so, then you should choose a hosting that is equipped with speed features such as LiteSpeed Web Server and WordPress Accelerator.

The LiteSpeed feature is a web server that can optimize website speed without changing pre-existing configurations, programs, and operating system details. Whereas, WordPress Accelerator is a feature provided by WordPress Management. The WordPress Accelerator feature is designed to increase the speed of website performance automatically and is easy to operate.

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