Coronavirus Has The Potential to Bring Many Impacts

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The spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 has the potential to bring many impacts on the national and international economy, course even though the impact is more negative, or more difficult to survive, as is the case with many industrial supply chains or global businesses that depend on China, and with the issue of the spread of the virus. Coronavirus or COVID-19 the supply chain has been disrupted.

But still believe that there must be light in the dark, even though there are many impacts from the disruption of exports – imports or supply chains from China or other countries affected by the Coronavirus or COVID – 19 outbreak, it becomes a challenge for entrepreneurs to be forced to rack their brains, find Another alternative in order to be able to continue to struggle in the current condition of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak.  

Positive things that can be learned from the pandemic

Opportunity strengthens the domestic economy, as said Director of the Department of Economic and Monetary Policy BI IGP Wira Kusuma “From an external export side as the present conditions by Coronavirus or COVID – 19 we might not rely too much on economic growth from the external side. Then, how? Yes, we really optimize the domestic demand. How to keep consumption. What kind of consumption? We take care of inflation, we maintain our purchasing power. BI is there at the forefront of maintaining this stability,” he said. So at times like this, the government is forced to prioritize to always focus on strengthening domestic purchasing power rather than attracting profits from abroad.

Director of the Department of Economic and Monetary Policy BI IGP Wira Kusuma

As an example of a business opportunity in the midst of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak, it is opening up opportunities for business for agricultural MSME actors, especially farmers of herbal and herbal medicinal plants to develop, because many Indonesian people like it to maintain their immune system which really needs to be maintained when – times like this. In addition to maintaining personal health from within each other, it is also necessary to prevent the spread of the impact of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 by social distancing. 

Prevention of the spread of the virus with Social Distancing

With social distancing and quarantine at home by the government, of course, changing social behavior and community work, such as Work From Home which people can do when the Coronavirus or COVID-19 is endemic, or Learning From Home for students who are still in school, and in the public sector. This is an opportunity for operators as internet network providers because there are so many people who depend on internet connections during this quarantine, such as meetings via video calls, or just relaxing with friends and family, saying hello, and relaxing on social media, looking for entertainment through movies. , music or add insight from online courses.

Food Delivery Courier Service

Not to forget, the stomach problem was also resolved with the delivery of food delivery services which are increasingly in demand by the public amidst the social distancing carried out by the government to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus or COVID-19, even so, couriers must be kept clean because they are the most crucial because they are the guard. those who are still working to meet the food needs of the people who are quarantined at home. Therefore the best prayer may always be given health for workers who do require to leave the house for the common good, and hopefully, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 outbreak will end quickly.

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