Cybersecurity in the Workplace: Tips for 2022

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In the workplace, cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility. Hybrid work models that enable employees to work both from home or the office have transformed the workplace experience, but this has also blurred the line between work and home life, changing how and when employees access company information. As cybersecurity crimes continue to increase, it is vital that both employees and employers are prepared to prevent and respond to security risks. Read on to learn about some of the workplace cybersecurity tips for 2022:

Cybersecurity Tips for 2022:

Employee Training

The most standard way to learn more is to engage with security training. Many companies implement standardized training courses to cover the basics, but these must expand to cover device management in new hybrid circumstances. Employees must be able to competently protect themselves if making use of anywhere work.

Maintain Device Hygiene

This covers many disparate practices that culminate in a user’s IT health score. Proper device hygiene can include logging out of applications when finished, closing windows, consistent device resets, not letting others handle corporate devices, and continually updating applications. Some issues like outdated software bear more obvious security risks, but having an idea of how a device normally runs helps users identity when something is amiss. A sluggish device, sudden usage of memory, and otherwise can signal when a device has been compromised.

Secure Password Management

This one may seem the most obvious, but often poor password management can lead to major breaches.  Changing passwords often and choosing passwords that are complex, unique, and phrase-driven makes it easier to remember new passwords and remain secure. Likewise, be careful where physical records of sensitive data and information are kept.

Document Suspicious Activity

The myriad means hackers have to acquire corporate data means that recognizing a large-scale predator effort can be difficult. Keeping a log of suspected cyberstalking activity and informing employers can help in recognizing when a company is at risk.

Cybersecurity threats are becoming more common, and while many companies may believe they are protected there are common vulnerabilities that can lead to wide-scale breaches and security-related shutdowns. Don’t wait for the worst. Our team of experts provides offensive strategies that identify and resolve weaknesses as well as providing defensive solutions to prepare for attacks when they happen. 

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