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The topic of investment is also becoming increasingly popular and there is nothing wrong if we try to look at some of the best 2021 online investment recommendations to make it more attractive. ready to face an uncertain future.  

Online Investment Recommendation 2021

In 2021, there is a significant growth of interest in the financial sector. According to the Google Year in Search report, there are more searches reaching 140 percent for searches related to opening an online account, 70 percent for searches for online savings, and 20 percent for the topic of how to register for mobile banking. In addition, the topic of seeking safe and secure investment options has also increased.        

Gold Investment

Gold investment is perfect for people who just want to try investing. The reason is, gold has a price that tends to be stable and strong enough, especially to withstand inflationary fluctuations.

Gold investment can be done through e-commerce platforms that provide this service, such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Shopee. In addition, gold investments can also be made through applications such as Pluang, e-mas, Tamasia, and Treasury. In general, in addition to accommodating gold purchase transactions, they also have a real-time monitoring feature for gold prices.     

Mutual Fund Investment

Another safe and secure online investment to try is mutual funds. This investment instrument is also suitable for people who are just trying to invest.

Mutual fund investment in 2021 can also be said to be very promising. Besides being easily accessible through applications such as Bareksa, Bibit, Tokopedia, and Bukalapak, the capital required is also very affordable.

Stock Investment

This investment instrument is actually more suitable for those who are experienced because the risk is quite high. However, the benefits offered are also quite tempting if done correctly. So, for those who want to invest in stocks, you should study them well first and make sure they have basic knowledge about the capital market. 

In the digital era, such as opening a customer fund account (RDN) that will be used to invest in stocks, it is also easy and affordable. Some online services that can be used to invest in stocks are Stockbit, Magic, and iPot. 

Business Financing Investment

There is also an investment option to finance a business through a peer-to-peer lending systemSimilar to stocks, this investment is also more suitable for experienced investors because investors need to have basic knowledge in calculating business risk. 

In Indonesia, this business financing service can also be accessed easily and the initial capital required is quite affordable. Some of the service providers include KoinWorks, Modalku, Investree, and Amartha.

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