SAGARA FINTECH ROUNDTABLE: Ready to Change? Let’s Learn More into Payment and Settlement in the Digital Era

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Sagara Fintech Roundtable

Sagara Fintech Roundtable Day 4 – Thursday, 22nd July 2021 – Sagara held a talk show on fintech by inviting C-levels who are experts in the fields of technology development from various existing fintech companies. The main discussion of the talk show is about how digital payment can make transactions easier, more secure, and not time-consuming. Starting from what is a payment gateway, the advantage, and benefits of using an online payment gateway. Therefore, this discussion aims to educate the public so that people are more sensitive to technological advances, so they can take advantage of the technology fintech development properly and wisely. The following are reviews from the speakers of the Sagara Fintech Roundtable.

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Leonard Haidy, COO Midtrans

Today, with the existence of a digital payment gateway B2B transactions are greatly facilitates. Transactions that initially take a long time & are convoluted can be completed quickly and easily. By using Midtrans services, business people can focus more on innovation because with the technology that Midtrans has, such as transaction recording, reconciliation, monitoring, and settlement that are simple and also secure.

Midtrans provides 24 payment methods ranging from electronic money such as Gopay, credit cards, bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, or from mini market outlets. That way, customers can just choose which payment method is more convenient and easier. Not only that, Midtrans also provides a means to automatically withdraw funds to many bank outlets in Indonesia.

With the pandemic situation, lots of people are increasingly turning to online transactions to meet their daily needs. This change in consumer behavior must of course be accompanied by the availability of easy and secure digital payments. That’s why the payment gateway is trying to provide payments for online businesses.

According to Mr. Leonard, Midtrans wants to provide convenience and security. In early 2012, many online users experienced problems in providing payment facilities for their customers. For example, when someone sells clothes and then someone wants to buy them, the merchant will give their account number to the buyer. The process there takes time and is a complicated process where the customer has to go to an atm to transfer the money and as a seller is required to check the checking account to find out whether the customer has paid it or not so he can deliver the order. from there Midtrans wants to provide a complete payment solution.

There are two benefits or advantages to using online payment; One, a wide range of services where customers can choose payment methods in accordance with the required place and circumstances. With the many options provided, of course, the perpetrator’s businesses and customers will feel more value in using online payments. Two, online payment technology can improve process efficiency for business people. That way the business people can be more focused on making innovation.

“There are risks in every business, but the business risk depends on the business model of each merchant because each merchant has different risks ranging from situation and market conditions of merchants who want to cooperate. Midtrans itself has high-security standards in terms of licensing which is definitely trusted for merchants,” said Mr.Leonard.

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