Hard Selling vs Soft Selling: What’s Better for Your Business?

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hard selling vs soft selling

The discussion of which is better between hard selling vs soft selling never ends. Besides content writing, these are also significant things in marketing. Both of them are strategies that aim to generate conversion. But is there really a better choice between them? Well, let’s first discuss what both terms really mean.

Hard Selling

Perhaps the simplest definition of hard selling is that it emphasizes making sales fast. It clarifies the opportunity cost of not making a purchase. This strategy is used when sellers feel like they are running out of time and need to generate conversion immediately.

This method is effective for some conditions, yet it is often considered an aggressive method because of its direct approach to consumers. It often makes consumers uncomfortable because they feel like they are being rushed to make transactions.

Imagine you want the customers to buy a razor from you. A hard selling technique to sell it is by telling them all the good features of the product and urge them to buy it now. This is an illustrative dialog:

“Hey, mate! Look at this razor. It is keen, safe, and has a good design. It’s a limited edition so if you don’t buy this now, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life!”

Soft Selling

Differ from the former strategy, it tends to put more concern in establishing rapport with customers. You might need to spend more time learning about your customer’s needs. In other words, you must have a better understanding of customer’s points of view in regards to their decision in making purchasing.

For an instance, we can use the precedented example about selling razors. By doing soft selling technique, you are supposed to make your customer understand the need of buying the products, not just bluntly tell them the good features. You need to dig into their emotion in order to encourage them to purchase. This is an illustrative dialog:

“Hey, mate! Wouldn’t it be great if we can check emails while shaving at the same time? It will save a lot of time! Well, this razor has technology so it is completely safe. Not forget to mention the appealing and sturdy design so you can grip it better while doing something else. With this razor, you will stay attractive as well as productive because you can multitask and no worry about if shaving hurts you.”

Which one is better? Hard selling vs soft selling

Those illustrations above are a simple example, yet it shows you the main difference between them. Hard selling is more obvious, straightforward, and it seems quite pushy. On the other hand, soft selling makes the customer feels the need to do purchasing.

It is true that for some products, people will buy them no matter the circumstances. But, what if there are dozens of similar products? Of course, you need to be creative so people want to buy yours.

Nonetheless, as indirect selling, soft selling takes more time. But the connection between your brand and loyal customer is more sustainable. 

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