Here are Some Programming Language ​​Commonly Used by Web Developers

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Becoming a Web Developer is a lucrative job, full of challenges, and goes hand in hand with the development of technology. You are required to have updated information on programming languages ​​that are trending or new.

In recent years the development of technology requires a person to learn various programming languages, such as for the development of websites, applications, and other digital products.


JavaScript or JS has an interesting function in HTML. The function of this coding is to translate static HTML. Later, the HTML will become a page that can interact with visitors.

JavaScript works well in all browsers and is capable of working on non-web-based programs. Javascript support for Object & Functional oriented programming and can make your web, app, or game look cooler. Another advantage of javascript is that it does not require a large memory resource.


PHP stands for Hyper Text Processor is a programming language that was used to create websites in 1995 and is still used today.

This programming language used by world-class websites:

  • Facebook
  • Wikipedia
  • WordPress
  • Flickr
  • Tumblr
  • Yahoo 


Java is a universal programming language as it is used to create desktop applications, websites, and even now android smartphones.

The following is a list of websites created using the Java language program:

  • (used to use java)
  • eBay
  • Amazon


Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), & HyperText Markup Language (HTML) helps front-end web development. HTML acts as a support structure for your website, and CSS decorates your website to make it look attractive in the eyes of users.


Python is widely used on campus as a tool for learning, but the Python programming language is also powerful for making websites.

This programming language with the help of frameworks like Django or Flask makes Python’s ability in website development quite a thumbs up.

This programming language used to create:

  • discussion
  • Instagram
  • Washington Post
  • dropbox
  • Pinterest


The programming language that is quite my favorite is Ruby with the Ruby on Rails Framework. Known as a “human” programming language, it means that the ruby ​​language program code is like English writing, so if you read the program code it’s like you are reading an English article.

Very suitable for beginners, but that doesn’t mean this Ruby programming language can be sardines. Reportedly, the salary of Ruby programmers in Indonesia is quite large, up to 10 million per month.

Ruby programming language used to create large websites:

  • OpenStore
  • Github
  • Airbnb
  • Shopify
  • Groupon
  • Opener
  • two
  • SlideShare
  • Yellow Pages


C++ is an object-oriented programming language. It is very efficient and has extensive library extensions. Programming language The similarities that C++ has with other language programs, created by very popular web developers. This language is very effective for programs that require high performance and use heavy templates.

If you know the C language then you are already halfway to mastering the C++ programming language.


The creator of the C language was Dennis Ritchie circa 1972 for the Unix Operating System at Bell Telephone Laboratories. 

Because the C language has existed for so long, some users call C the father of other computer languages.


SQL or Structured Query Language is focuses on databases. This language is the perfect toolkit for Web Developers to get specific data from large or complex databases. 

Many big companies like Microsoft need developers who are experts in SQL programming.


TypeScript is built on JavaScript. The difference is, in TypeScript, there are additional strong-typing features & classic OOP programming concepts (classes, interfaces). In the documentation, TypeScript is referred to as a super-set of JavaScript. So, JavaScript code is TypeScript code too. 

Although many are not familiar with TypeScript, TypeScript has popularity in searches of 1.58% with an increasing trend of 0.5%


Reportedly, Go is an improvement program language from the C programming language.

I mean like this, C language is very good in speed and memory management and physical processors in computers but C language code is not “human” meaning it is difficult to learn.

The Go lang is very human, and easy for humans to read, but Go has a good approach to computer machines like the C programming language.

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