Hosting, What is The Meaning and Types?

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The pandemic has changed many offline habits to online, the need for the web is even higher. When you want to try to learn about web development, you will often find the word ‘hosting’, what is the meaning? is it different from a domain?.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a server where all the website files such as image files, videos, scripts, etc. (Website files) are stored and can be accessed and managed via the internet. In an analogy, hosting is like an empty apartment that you rent, then you fill it with your personal furniture. If on the web the furniture can be scripts, images, or videos.


Hosting companies offer several types, before ordering, know in advance which type is suitable for your website.

Shared Hosting

This service is used by several users, this service is suitable for those of you who just want to learn to develop the web. It’s like you rent an apartment with friends, you share the space in the apartment.

If there are too many people in the apartment, you will definitely feel full. the same as hosting, too much web in it then your website will be affected.

The advantages of this service are low prices, the server is fully managed and maintained by the provider such as disk space, unlimited bandwidth, databases, up to SSL.

The disadvantage of this service is that the website will be disrupted if there are users who use the facilities excessively. file storage and server facilities are limited.

This service is suitable for beginners who are learning to develop websites, although file storage and server facilities are limited, the price is still cheap.

VPS Hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a type of private service whose resources are only used by one user. Thus, the server will not be affected by the use of other users.

In this type of hosting, you have the freedom to manage and manage the available resources independently. This means that you need to have technical skills in server management.

In an analogy, this VPS is like a one-bedroom apartment that provides personal facilities. Where each apartment has its own electricity, water, bathroom, and kitchen meter. In contrast to boarding houses, all of these facilities are combined with other rooms.

Cloud Hosting

This service is a combination of shared and VPS, dedicated resources like VPS, but with convenience like Shared Hosting. It’s equipped with technical assistance from the hosting manager (fully managed), in addition, settings and configuration can be done in the control panel. You don’t need to have technical skills to manage servers to be able to use this type of cloud.

data and files on the website are stored on a virtual server/cloud via the internet. So it does not require physical storage/hardware like traditional hosting.

In terms of the budget/cost for renting hosting services, of course, it is also adjusted to the usage capacity. The larger the required capacity, the higher the costs. In this service, there are indeed a variety of services to choose from, all of which can be tailored to individual needs.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated is a service managed by a company, where clients can rent the entire server and will not share it with anyone. This will provide more advantages than Shared. Because in one server there is only one hosting account and we are free to use it according to our wishes and needs.

Dedicated is usually used by large business owners, dedicated is chosen because the website will have full rights to the server he rents, including to choose the operation, the hardware used, and so on. Choosing dedicated also makes it easier for business owners to overcome the problem shoots that occur.

Choose best Hosting For your website

Of all types of service is decided according to your needs. If you are someone who is learning choose Shared. If you are a businessman with mid scalability website needs, you can choose cloud. While if you need high scalability website you can choose a VPS for cheaper or dedicated for an expensive one.

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