How to Become a Web Developer

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How can to be a web developer yourself? Currently, it can be learned sitting in front of your own laptop, there are many tutorials that you can learn to become a web developer. But before you go any further to become a web developer, you must first know the branches of web development itself. After that, choose which branch you want to wrestle with.

Which one do you choose? Front-end Web Developer Or Back-end Web Developer Or Fullstack Web Developer?

Web development is divided into three branches, namely Front-end web developer, back-end web developer, and full-stack web developer. Here we will discuss these three things. First, a Front-end web developer is a branch of web developer where they design and build the web interface. If you could say the front-end resembles the front or display of a store that displays any information about the store before you enter it. Second, the Back-end web developer itself is an inverse of Front-end web developer where they are in charge of writing code so that it is not known by the user. Generally, they are related to the repair and improvement of system functions. Whereas the last one, Full-Stack web developers are those who are able to have the skills to work on both Front-end and Back-end. This is a complex branch because it requires them to have the skills of both. So, after you understand the difference between the three, which one do you want to choose?      

Front-end Development

To become a front-end developer there are three things you must learn. First, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)Second, namely Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and finally, you must learn the JavaScript programming language.       


HTML is a scripting language that arranges content to be displayed on the home page of a website. In short, HTML represents paragraph text, headlines, and tables. HTML is the easiest programming language to learn, so for those of you who want to become any developer, this should be the basis you need to learn first.


Everything is created in pairs as well as HTML, it cannot work alone without CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. CSS was created to complement HTML, it will change what content is created by HTML. This CSS is useful for creating designs and layouts.  


After you have skills in HTML and CSS, then the last one you must master javascript. This JavaScript makes the website more interactive and even more dynamic. With javascript, you can create interactive websites with various kinds of functional buttons, such as buttons for social media that are owned by the web.

Back-end Web Development

Back-end web developers usually deal with databases. No matter how beautiful the appearance of a website is, if it does not have a database, it will be useless to repair or upgrade the system functions. Generally, the back-end is known as the problem solver, always thinking about function rather than appearance. To become a back-end web developer, there are three basic things that you must have besides HTML and CSS (the basis of all developers), namely PHP, Python, and SQL.   


PHP has the function of making websites more functional. It becomes a communication between the website and the database. Apart from this, PHP also has functions to generate images, convert text pages to PDF, manage cookies and sessions, and other things. The point is to make the website more dynamic.


Python is a multipurpose interpretive programming language with a design philosophy that focuses on the readability of the code. Python is claimed to be a language that combines capabilities, capabilities, with a very clear code syntax, and is equipped with a large and comprehensive standard library functionality. Python functions to maintain databases with its own framework.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is a relational database management system (RDBMS) designed for applications with a client/server architecture. In a database, SQL is used to filter, add, delete, and even combine information. 

Fullstack Development

As previously mentioned, this branch of web development has Front-end and Back-end web developer expertise. So for those of you who choose this developed branch. Then all the things that are the basics of front-end and back-end capabilities must be mastered. This is not easy, it takes time. However, that is what makes it even more fun to learn everything.

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