How to Get Quality Backlink for Websites

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How to Get Quality Backlinks for Websites

Sagara Technology – A backlink is a link that is usually placed on another website content that leads to your website or content that you own. This method is a method that is widely used in the use of SEO or Search Engine Optimization systems. It has a myriad of benefits for the sustainability of your website.

Backlinks are one of the things that Google pays great attention to, Google even crawls to find various pages that are relevant to the keywords that users are looking for so it is very effective to use these backlinks.

Backlinks have indeed become one of the most important things for Google’s reputation, Google will try its best to provide good quality service for its users, one of which is by providing various links that are very relevant to what they are looking for.

Google will recommend content and websites that have lots of backlinks from well-known websites. Therefore, with a quality backlink, it can be judged how credible a website is.

For that, you need to look for a high-quality backlink to increase the credibility of your website with the number of people visiting your website. However, for beginners, the search for backlinks is very confusing, right?
Therefore, here we will discuss various ways that you can use to get very high-quality backlinks so that your website becomes a website that is much sought after by Google users.

How to get Quality Backlink to Build the Credibility of Your Website or Blog

You can build the credibility of your website first. You have to make your website very attractive to visit. Because a website that has high quality will only want to provide opportunities for quality blogs and websites too.

So, if the image of your website is good, then, of course, the good quality website owners will be happy to choose your website to be given a backlink. So, before doing things, it’s better to improve yourself first, so that your website will be seen as good.

Writing Complete, Solutive, and Relevant Content

After discussing the credibility of a website or blog, of course, there will be questions about how to build and increase that credibility? No matter how good your website looks, if it is not accompanied by relevant content, no one will want to read it.

Therefore, you must write content that is very complete, solutive, and of course relevant to keywords. If you have found a keyword, then discuss the keyword as completely as possible to the end so that people who are looking for that keyword are not disappointed after reading the article you wrote because it is relevant to what you are looking for.

Creating Unique, Interesting, and Much Needed Content

Talking about credibility is never separated from the writing content that you present. You must also create unique and interesting content that is different from other Website content. It is undeniable that nowadays people are happy with a variety of uniqueness that is very interesting.

But, not only unique and interesting. You have to write content that a lot of people need. Because if you choose content that is needed by other people at that time, many people will also visit your website. So, as much as possible, look for content that is popular but packaged in a unique and interesting form.

Writing Content For Other Websites or Blogs

One way to get a quality backlink. By donating free content to other websites or blogs, you will be rewarded with backlinks to your own site. This has become a method used by many people because it is a win-win solution for both websites. The first party will get free content that can be shared with their audience, while the other party can generate high-quality links.

Use the Backlink Tools

The four ways above are ways to get backlinks naturally. Good, unique, complete, and solution content will attract people to put a link to your website or blog on their website. Even so, you also have to pick up the ball in order to get quality backlinks. Because websites and blogs with good quality backlinks need to be approached personally first so that they can then plant backlinks there.

To find these quality websites and blogs, you need the help of third parties like Ahrefs. To date, Ahrefs is the best tool for finding quality backlinks. With Ahrefs you can find quality blogs and websites based on keywords that are relevant to your business. In addition, you can also find out the credibility of the website through the Domain Rating (DR) and the amount of traffic generated.

Use Content Sharing Platform

Most people share their latest articles or content on social media. It must be done. However, apart from sharing content on social media, you also need to share your content on a content-sharing platform. Content sharing platforms such as Medium, Hipwee, Kaskus, Reddit, and SlideShare can be used to link your website or blog.

You can write a new article that is still related to the topic you are discussing and then place a link to the article you want. That way you get backlinks from the content sharing platform. Even though the link is no-follow, this method is still feasible to apply to promote blog or website content.

Do Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is when you write articles that are not to be published on your own blog but are published on other blogs or websites. In the article, you put a link to your blog or website. However, you need to choose a blog or website with high traffic so that guest blogging can benefit.

Building a website with quality backlinks takes a lot of effort. Keep in mind that before building quality backlinks, you must first build the main foundation, namely content. No matter how many backlinks you get, they will all be in vain without unique, complete, and quality content.

The backlinks you get must also meet certain criteria so that the effect can be felt. So always do your research first before deciding to plant backlinks using the indicators mentioned above. That way your backlink will produce a positive effect on your website or blog.


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