How To Make a Great Content For Blogpost?

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How to make a great content

Sagara Technology – You publish on a blog post and expect the traffic, page views, share, and comments to start rolling in, but sometimes you get nothing. Maybe many of you are already hearing that “content is king.” But what does that really mean? What makes it great?

1. Unique and Valuable

Google pays attention to content that’s new and unique. You must create posts that answer your reader’s questions search terms, giving value to the readers, and it must be original.

If your content is duplicate or the same as other web pages, then it could cause your web a negative impact on your SEO. And if you regularly publish duplicate content, Google will slow down the crawling rate of your website. So, your content must have to be different and better than other websites that are ranking for the search term.

2. Fresh Content

Creating fresh ones is the way to boost your content quality. By updating your posts and adding some new information, you’re getting a positive signal from the search engine.

For such topics, Google prefers pages that provide the latest information to show up on the search engine results page. For instance, if you’re writing about the new variant of covid-19, you would want your content to contain recent news and researches. And using Google Trends is one of the simple ways of finding the latest information to keep your content fresh.

3. Content Length

One of the questions we’ve come across a lot of times is whether the length is a part of Google ranking factors?

And the answer is, maybe yes or maybe not.

But, according to different studies, the length has an impact on where you rank on the search results. On average, posts with 1,890 words rank on the first page.

A better way of looking at this is to create content that has depth and covers a topic in great detail. That’s because Google prefers pages that fully answer a user’s question and provides detailed solutions.

4. Structure

When it comes to quality, your blog posts should be well structured to make them easier to understand.

To improve the structure and organization of your articles, you can use multiple headings and subheadings to group your content and make it more structured and easier to read compared to a blog post without headings.

So, working on your content’s structure will increase its readability. As a result, you’ll improve the user experience of your site, which indirectly improves your chances of ranking higher on Google. Read More

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