IaaS: Recognizing the Characteristics of It

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Definition of IaaS

IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service is a cloud computing infrastructure service or cloud computing. In another sense, IaaS is a cloud computing service which is generally in the form of a package of computer hardware devices in the form of “virtualization”, along with an internet network, bandwidth, IP address support, load balancing, real-time online guarantee (continuous connection to the internet) and security in the “scope” of a single IaaS service unit.

Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS is one of the most popular types of cloud services, especially by small companies or startups.

The reason is, you can use this service without the need to physically buy a computer or equipment.

IaaS Characteristics

There are various characteristics that make Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) easy to distinguish from other cloud services.

The seven main characteristics of IaaS are as follows.

  • Accessible to many users
  • Cost-effective
  • Fees vary, depending on the company’s use
  • Highly scalable service
  • The company retains full control over its infrastructure
  • Flexible

The Advantages

Reducing Capital Cost

Well, IaaS is an attractive option because it is more cost-effective. So you don’t need to spend more money to buy server equipment or buy a computer.

Quickly Adjust Conditions

Reporting from the Microsoft page, IaaS services will help your business increase resources more quickly under certain conditions.

For example, there is an increase in demand for your application during the holidays. IaaS can maximize resources more quickly. When demand is decreasing, resources will also decrease to save more costs.

More Stable and Reliable Infrastructure

The next advantage of IaaS is in terms of infrastructure stability. You no longer need to upgrade software and hardware, as well as perform maintenance and also solve problems that occur on the equipment.

The IaaS service provider will ensure that your infrastructure is reliable and complies with the SLA (service-level agreement).

Loss of Company Data Can Be Prevented

In today’s digital era, data is a very important thing for companies, and data loss will only cause loss and chaos for them.

But with cloud computing services, the data can be accessed anywhere and anytime and can avoid the risk of data loss.

No Need to Worry About Security Issues

IaaS services will create a cloud computing system for data storage purposes from the company.

This data is safer stored on the server because it is not usually accessed by various parties.

More Efficient in Company Operations

Companies can also focus more on their core business activities and no longer need to bother thinking about creating and managing IaaS and cloud computing, so it will be more efficient in the company’s operational activities.

The Disadvantages

Requires Internal Training

Cloud computing services from IaaS will help companies manage their operating systems, applications, security, and databases independently.


Even though the infrastructure can be fully managed by the company, IaaS services are still vulnerable to security. These security threats can come from the host or other virtual equipment.

Legacy Systems that Operate in the Cloud

Sourced from the BMC page, you can keep your old system running in the cloud. However, the infrastructure in it may not support certain controls to be able to secure legacy applications.

For that, you have to upgrade the application before you put it in the cloud.

Some Things IaaS Can Do

Testing and Development of Systems or Applications

By using IaaS services, it will be easier for you to create a new cloud system environment. So, with this system, you will be able to make testing and developing new applications faster and easier.

Data Storage and Backup

Generally, a company will avoid the cost of excess storage and also require certain skills to organize data and take care of certain legal rules.

The function of it is to better anticipate the potential for unexpected increases in demand and lead to higher demand for this form of storage. On the other hand, it will make it easier for backup and recovery systems from various data owned by the company.

Big Data Analysis

As we all know that big data is a very large collection of data, where the data has the potential to be analyzed to find out a certain pattern or trend.

Because by doing big data analysis, you can get the basis for making the right decisions for the company.

IaaS services have the ability to collect and process these various data, so it will be more economical for the company.

Place to Deploy Company Web Apps

IaaS services will also provide the necessary resources to provide support related to web apps, including from the website to the company’s application server. The company will be able to more easily manage the existing demand.

The Best Time to Use IaaS

You can use Iaas services and maximize them when you are building a company or startup. Because, in this case, IaaS can be a good solution in saving time and also costs in building cloud infrastructure.

Especially in the current era of the industrial revolution 4.0, where technology is an obligation for various companies to own.

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