Increasing Digital Talent, ITS Joins Sagara #GoBIGInDigital

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Increasing Digital Talent ITS and Sagara

Collaborative actions of government, businesses, and also educational institution plays an important role in digital transformation. Indonesia’s goal to arouse the digital economy needs to focus on increasing digital talent as the technology is already available.

The governments have set their goal to reach digital transformation through policy-making, and businesses are already transforming their system to digital. The educational institution is also needed as they are the backbone in creating digital talent in Indonesia.

As one of the most prestigious campus in Indonesia, ITS focus on accelerating digital transformation. Through its annual event “Schematics 2021” ITS is supporting #GoBIGInDigital with Sagara Technology. By presenting quality digital products and also increasing digital talent, this event helps Indonesia to go digital.

Increase Quality of Digital Talent through Schematics 2021

For the past two years, we are facing economic downtrends due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The world is pushing every aspect to digital at this hard time. Digital transformation is the only hope to recover Indonesia’s economy and awaken the digital economy.

Schematics is an annual event organized by IT major of ITS as a way to bolster digital transformation in Indonesia. This event mainly focuses on logic and programming competition. Not only that, but it is also presenting a national seminar on technology.

Its mission to promote technological advancement to the public helps to increase awareness about the importance of digital talent. With advances in technology, Indonesia is set to bring economic growth to a whole new level.

ITS also partnering with Sagara Technology and supporting #GoBIGInDigital. Together, they help to increase the potential of digital and transform Indonesia to go Digital. Of course, it includes the importance of increasing digital talent.

As we all know, Indonesia is still lacking digital talent. From this event, we hope to see many brilliant digital talents in Indonesia. To learn more about Schematics 2021 and attend the event, you can sign up here.

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