Internet of Things vs Artificial Intelligence, What is the difference?

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Internet of Things vs Artificial Intelligence

The rapid development of technology is cool, yet challenging. It starts with basic things like smartphones, laptops, or even tablets. There are also smarter technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that changes our life and business.

Everyone needs to learn and adapt this technology in order to keep up with the technological change. It is not easy to adapt to new things, especially technology. But let’s not forget that technology like the Internet of Things brings a lot of benefits when we use it right.

Before using IoT or AI, we need to know the difference and the limitation of these technologies. This will help us identify the right technology for our needs.

So What is Internet of Things?

Well, in simple terms IoT means computers or devices that communicating over the internet. This devices send information on the web thus create an ecosystem of shared data to execute certain task.

Internet of Things can be found in business such as farming and manufacturing. Basicaly IoT makes everything “smart” by emmbeding simple technology like television or toaster with sensors. So these device can be controlled from the Internet.

There is a lot to offer from using IoT. It makes device more convenience and efficient to use. Large-scale application of IoT is already here, like monitoring environmental condition. To get a better grasp of Iot you can read more aboutIoT here.

Difference between IoT and AI

For starters, AI is the ability of computer to learn and process robust datasets and perform actions like problem-solving. It is like how we learning from mistake and experience, but in computer world, this “mistake” or “experience” is based on data.

From Siri to YouTube recommendation is some example of AI. Even though it is still narrow in function, but the development in AI is rapid. We can expect AI to do many thing in the future as researchers developing General AI.

And what is the difference between IoT and AI?

While IoT is meant for embedding technology with sensors to communicate each other via internet, AI is the expansion of it. For instance, device that use Internet of Things are instructed with code to operate. To expands it’s capability like collecting data and learn, this is where AI kicks in.

To make it simple, this 5 attribute can explain more about IoT and AI difference.

Based onInternet of ThingsArtificial Intelligence
ConnectionInterconnection of device over
Independent machine, interconnection
is not needed
InteractionNeeds to interact with humanHuman interaction is not needed
CostCheaper priceCan be very expensive (depends on
DependencyIot can’t work without AIAI still working without IoT
ApplicationSmart Home, Environmental
Monitoring, Smart Device, etc.
Face Recognition, Search Suggestion,
Chatbots, Natural Language
Processing, etc.
Difference Between IoT and AI

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