Landing Pages: Definition and its Benefits for Digital Marketing

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Landing Pages

Landing pages are something that must be considered by a company when relying on digital marketing. This website page can be regarded as an advertisement or marketing campaign so that it can generate a lot of rupiahs.

The impact given by the landing page is considered quite large for a company because it can increase leads by up to 55% or depending on how many web pages it has.

With these advantages, it is better to know the meaning and functions, and examples of landing pages through the following article.

What is a Landing Pages?

What is a Landing Pages? Landing Pages are pages that are specifically designed to direct users in the direction they want specifically, for example, Product-specific pages or offer pages. 

So it can be concluded that the landing page is a special page that is the user’s goal and contains more detailed and specific information about products, services, offers, etc. So it can be concluded that the landing page is a page devoted to the marketing mindset.

How Landing Pages Work

How does a landing page work? For example, if you have a service, you explain specifically, interestingly, and clearly about your service, and you also provide a call-to-action (CTA) button on your landing page that is directly connected to the registration page or subsequent transactions.

Here, visitors will fill out a form on the landing page that you created because they believe the content they access will be valuable to them. You are happy to give special offers to users who have filled out the form. Now, this user is used for future marketing efforts.

For example

if you visit the Indonesian VPS landing page, this page provides complete information about Indonesian VPS and is equipped with a purchase button.

Landing Page Characteristics

  • A landing page is a page that has a special function on the website
  • Encourage users to focus on a product and immediately make transactions on a website.
  • Invite users to perform certain actions. Examples are filling out forms, buying products, and learning other related things.
  • Have a special page that is clear, specific, and distinct.

Landing Page Types

  • Landing Page Click Through 

This type of landing page has information explaining product details or a more specific offer to users and customers. For example, a page that contains specific information about services or product knowledge and is equipped with a call-to-action (CTA) button that is directly connected to the registration page or subsequent transaction.

  • Landing Page Lead Generation

This type of landing page is almost the same as the Click Through type, the difference is that this landing page is made shorter, more interesting, and clearer. And focus on user conversion or specifically designed to collect leads directly. For example, getting promos, signing up for newsletters with prizes, and special coupons.

Benefits of Using Landing Pages 

The benefit of landing pages is to generate more conversions. Of course, there are various other benefits it has, including:

More Effective and Efficient

Users will be greatly helped if they use an integrated and professional landing page, with the right marketing techniques. Of course, the goals or objectives that have been determined will be achieved easily. 

This can maximize a business efficiently, starting from the ease with which a business is found by customers, to indirectly increasing brand awareness of the products or services offered.

More Budget Saving

The second benefit is more budget efficiency. Budget is one of the crucial things among business people, especially MSMEs when they are doing digital marketing strategies.

If it is not done well, then business people can find it difficult to compete with big companies and can move up a class. The right solution is to create a website that only requires a small promotional budget. Find ways to create a free landing page that is easy to find so you can save on a budget.

Generate leads

A page on the website will be useful for bringing in leads or customers with a landing page. Customers will show interest in the products produced. 

Not only that, potential customers who come to visit the website will also have recorded information ranging from email, and name, to the phone number used to enter the site that was created.

Promotion Media

The next benefit is as a promotional media which is considered very effective. Business people can display various brief information related to marketing campaigns or other promotions that are being run together with the team.

Business people only need to highlight one main promotion on a site or website page.

To make it easier to reach potential consumers, promotions can also be done through Facebook. What is a Facebook landing page? Just as before, its use is to reach consumers more precisely and easily understood. 

However, business people must create a Facebook page before they can do promotions.

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