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Why is it that you have apps for all private tasks on your mobile today, but have so few to use at work? How do you start the mobile journey in your organization to make work more accessible and easy? To have more freedom to work remotely and the ability to work on the go, we depend on our mobile devices more than ever. ServiceNow’s new mobile apps are here to give you just that freedom to work from anywhere. Leveraging modern design and user experience, these apps make it possible and easy to work from anywhere.

Let’s head it off with some facts

A 2018 survey of 500 senior IT and business leaders conducted by Oxford Economics showed that 80% of the respondents believe their employees can’t do their jobs effectively without a smartphone. In fact, 75% said that mobile devices are essential to their company’s business workflows. The successful modern enterprise workforce is a mobile workforce.

How to get started?

Today, most people own a smartphone and have the ability to do most of their tasks in their private life on their mobile. Why is it that we don’t have the same option for work? “Generation Z” is growing up with smartphones and expectations to be able to work remotely and on the go. Isn’t it about time to take the journey for all parts of your organization, to “remove the friction from work”? The Now Platform gives you access to several apps, but the main two ones are “NOW Mobile” for requesters and “Service Now Agent” for fulfillers.

NOW Mobile

With Now Mobile, you can find answers and get stuff done across IT, HR, Facilities, Finance, and Legal, amongst other departments. All from a mobile app powered by the NOW Platform. The app makes it possible to work from anywhere and gives you easy access to help and support, order items, and search for knowledge. It is also making use of the accessibility of the mobile with QR Scanners, video, and camera options. Why use your phone to take a picture and transfer it to the computer in order to get help when you can have access right away? The NOW Mobile is powered by the Now Platform, which makes it available for any package, like IT Service Management or HR Service Delivery.

Service Now Agent

Mobile consumer apps enable you to connect with friends, hail a ride, or order takeout food with just a few taps or swipes. Now you can do the same for work, just as easy.

With the Agent app, you can work from anywhere with the same tools and data you have on your computer. This makes small and quick tasks even easier and increases productivity letting you work on the go, even without an Internet connection. You have access to the Agent app from all products that are a part of the Now Platform, even custom applications created for the mobile. Utilize all the mobile advantages like camera, GPS, and touch screen to make it quick and easy to get work done. You will also have the ability to do Analytics to track and drive mobile app adaptation into user behavior.

You can also brand the mobile apps tailored to your organization, with your own icons, splash screen, and branding colors.

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