Network Architecture: Career Wanted In A Tech Company

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One of the occupations in the field of information technology that isn’t as well-known as others are network architect. You’re probably familiar with terms like front-end developer, back-end developer, and full stack developer. However, few individuals are aware of the role of network architects in Network Architecture.

The network architect is a difficult position in the IT area that demands specialized knowledge. To work in this role, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, or a related discipline.

network architecture is also referred to as a party that understands how to manage network devices and services to serve the connectivity demands of client devices.

  • Switches and routers are common network hardware.
  • DHCP and DNS are examples of service types.
  • End-user devices, servers, and smart things are all examples of client devices.

Responsibilities Network Architecture

This profession is in charge of managing all network construction processes. From planning to maintenance. Starting from preparing a network construction plan to overcoming problems or obstacles that exist in the network that has been created.

Create a network

A network architect’s primary responsibility, as the name implies, is to design networks. Efficiency isn’t the only factor to consider while planning a network. Must also consider other aspects, such as bandwidth requirements, infrastructure, and security.

The reason for this is that a network architect’s design must be able to match the company’s requirements based on its capacity and goals.

Putting together a network model

Network modeling is another job function for this profession. In order to do so, data on network traffic must be used to estimate network expansion. A network architect can then determine what equipment needs to be delivered from time to time in order to maintain optimal network performance.

Keep the network safe.

One of the most crucial roles is to ensure that the network developed is secure from digital crimes such as hacking and other forms of cybercrime. The architect, as a professional, must be knowledgeable in the subject of cyber security.

Other Responsibility of a Network Architecture is Establish a maintenance schedule for the network system.

The network architect is also in charge of maintaining and supervising network systems, as well as creating maintenance schedules for them. The reason for this is that maintenance is an important part of keeping the network running smoothly.

Skill Require for Network Architecture

For a career as a network architect, of course, you must have the appropriate educational background. That way, you can have the basic skills needed for this profession.

In general, of course, requires hard skills and soft skills to become a network architect In-depth knowledge of computer networks and their components is one of the most important foundations.

Computer network components

They must understand the components used. This profession must understand how to use and care for these components. A professional in the field of networking must know the latest information and technology about system components such as routers, modems, adapters, servers, and others.

Information Systems

Not only understand the components, but they must also understand the system. They must know how the flow of existing information systems. Obviously, they must also understand the technology related to information systems.

Network architects must also understand the latest communication technologies, such as wireless, mobile applications, and telecommunications systems.

Project management

Not only requires hard skills but also requires soft skills. The main soft skill required for this profession is project management skills. The goal is to be able to manage all aspects that are important in planning to build and maintain network systems. That way, you can establish, implement, and maintain the network system as well as possible.

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