Here are Reasons Why AI Shapes Human Behaviour

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Benefits of AI in our life

There is no doubt that from a long time ago, we crave technology to help day-to-day activities. From simple tasks like turning off lamps to self-driving cars, Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps us achieve that. Countless successful companies try to get their hands on this technology to improve their business.

Although AI is capable of doing basic tasks today, the long-term goal is that it can alter life. So far Artificial Intelligence is use in businesses and healthcare research.

Everyone Has AI on Their Fingertips

Some of you might think that Artificial Intelligence can only be found in high-tech computers or used by researchers. Well, actually a pocketable smartphone today is using AI.

For example, when we search for things in the browser, it automatically shows some suggestion word that is related to what we looking for. Search engines like Google is using data collected from the search on the same word, and make a prediction of what we looking for.

The same thing goes for smartphones camera. The latest and greatest phone doesn’t have the biggest number of megapixels in its camera. It uses Artificial Intelligence to improve small hardware to create better results in image quality.

Change in our behavior

Having technology, it creates a new way of interaction between human and machine. It also brings an impact to our society, for example, communication using phones. Many great things had been achieved by the presence of technology.

Artificial Intelligence makes a lot of difference in our daily activities. Human error in the workforce is inevitable also dangerous. This is because humans experience fatigue, as it gets higher, the risk of failure is also high. AI Technology, however, does not suffer from fatigue or other distraction and can complete tasks efficiently.

Another change in our behavior came with the use of the “smart assistant” device. Today, many of us use Siri, Google, or Alexa to check on events, weather forecasts, or just take a cab. We don’t need to turn on televisions to see forecasts or shout at a cab when we need it.

Now everything is just one click away or even we can tell the smart assistant directly to get what we want. We don’t even realize that AI can change our behavior and take us to the future that we all dream of.

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