SEO Tools for Your Keywords Research

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SEO Tools

To get the right keywords or keywords, you need SEO tools. SEO tools are tools used to get good keywords so that the articles created have the power to win the competition on search engines.

Keyword tools are also one of the most important supports when you are researching keywords for digital marketing needs.

Therefore, you must use the best keyword tools in order to beat your competitors.

Best SEO Tools for Keyword Research


Ubersuggest is here as a tool that offers complete features, ranging from an overview of domain performance, getting keyword recommendation information, SEO effectiveness reports on each page, backlink data, and even content ideas.

In addition to all the features offered, Ubersuggest is a tool that has a very friendly and intuitive user interface. Of course, it doesn’t take long to understand how this platform works, even for those of you who are using it for the first time.


For SEO specialists, this one keyword tool sounds very familiar. How not, lots of people use SEMrush as a weapon to do keyword research. The proof is, that when you search for keywords on SEMrush, you will be shown 5-10 very specific keywords that were previously used by competitors.

There are also quite a few features of SEMrush, namely:

  • analyze keyword difficulties and add organic traffic insights
  • get trending keywords every year
  • find long-tail keywords


In addition to SEMrush, you can also use Ahrefs as your weapon in finding the right keywords so that they can be penetrated on the first page of Google.

This tool provides users with extensive keyword reports, so you can choose the right keywords to use.

By using Ahrefs, you will know several things, namely:

  • keyword difficulty score (keyword difficulty)
  • 1000+ keyword suggestions
  • click metrics to increase CTR
  • and so forth

Google Keyword Planner

The first SEO tool recommended for your choice is Google keyword planner. Google keyword planner is part of Google’s advertising platform and is a service for searching and analyzing keywords to target.

Until now, the Google keyword planner tool has become a favorite of many people to find the right keywords because the keyword database is always updated, accompanied by competition numbers in search engines. Because of this complete keyword database, it will be easier for you to determine how good the quality of the keywords you will use.


KWFinder is a tool that has a more flexible page display and provides a lot of information that will make it easier for users to take advantage of the platform. You can get this information in the KWFinder guide, keyword research guide, learn SEO, and SEOPedia.

The way KWFinder works is similar to other SEO keyword tools, but in the Mangools section of this platform, you can also find backlink analysis, rank tracking, SERP analysis, and even SEO metrics & insights.


SpyFu can be an option for you to analyze the SEO strategies of your competitors.

By using this keyword tool, you can get the right keywords so that you can reap big profits from these keywords.

Not only that, but SpyFu also shows you the ranking of how difficult certain keywords are, and the ranking changes from time to time.


This keyword tool is arguably one of the best and unique, and interesting for you to try in keyword research.

The reason is, that there are built-in features that allow you to get a lot of data on search trends, organic competition, and traffic forecasts.

Thus, you could say SECockpit is designed for SEO professionals or those who are experts in the SEO field.

Even beginners can use this keyword tool. Because SECockpit stores various kinds of information that must be known, especially for people who are interested in the field of SEO.

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