SEO vs PPC: Which is Better For Your Website?

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seo vs ppc

In the world of digital marketing, we know SEM, SEO vs PPC which discusses at least three acronyms (abbreviations) namely SEM, SEO, and PPC. These three abbreviations relate to marketing activities using websites and involve searching engines. However, most of the players in the digital marketing world think that SEM, SEO, and PPC are essentially the same.

Definition of SEO and PPC

SEO is web optimization through search engines or search engine optimization, the result of which is the ranking of a website’s position based on targeted keywords. For example, a website is created to target the keyword “web optimization services”. So after the optimization is complete, when a user or internet user searches for a website with the keyword “website optimization services” through a searching engine, this website is on the first page of search results.

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, which means you pay a deposit to advertise your website on search engines. This deposit fee will only be reduced (paid) when someone clicks on the website page. The more people click on the website, the longer the deposit fee will be entirely owned by the searching engine. So to advertise again, the website owner needs to update the deposit amount.

Which is More Powerful SEO vs PPC?

When running a marketing project through search engines, which one is more effective, SEO vs PPC? In this case, the answer to this question cannot be seen from the point of view of economic expenditure alone, but it is wiser to look at the following facts.

SEO vs PPC cost money

Is it because of the existing definition that organic traffic is preferred? Better not rush. In terms of financing, organic traffic is not necessarily obtained at the minimum possible cost. Because the pattern of working to get organic traffic also costs money in some cases. See how to optimize a website.

PPC certainly requires financing. If the PPC method is considered and evaluated, of course, there will be a way to reduce advertising financing for this PPC. So, between these two methods, all of them cost money.

Between SEO and PPC do not outperform each other

Between the two methods, namely increasing organic search and advertising, did not eliminate each other. Both can be done and give results that are equally visible on search engines. So it could be, when the user performs a search, there will be ads and web pages at the same time. However, it is also necessary to evaluate whether in certain cases both are needed or only one of them is sufficient?

Rely on Traffic

Supposedly, this is the benchmark to answer which one is chosen between SEO or PPC. Based on existing traffic. Always pay attention to your website traffic, make sure what percentage is between organic search and ad visitors. So far, there has never been a condition where 100% organic search while 0% ad visitors or vice versa. Both always give the results just different comparisons.

So, which of the SEO vs PPC will be used in the ongoing SEM project? Use both and pay attention to the percentage comparison of the two. Distribute financing at the highest percentage and it may be different every month. This is the right one in our opinion.

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