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The rapid growth of social media makes it one of the best channels for marketing. Almost 57 percent of the total population uses it in many ways. Whether using it to connect with family and friends, post a picture, or share funny content.

Nowadays social media is not just about connecting with people. It slowly changed into one of the marketing channels with a huge amount of audience. With the right product and the right target audience, every business can generate money.

Using a Social Platform as a marketing channel can be called Social Media Marketing (SMM). It means businesses, whether it is a small business or big company, use this platform to connect with the targeted audience to increase sales, drive traffics, and build their brands.

Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat provide insight that is very useful for SMM. This feature is also useful if you have personal brands. With this insight, you can improve any aspect of your SMM strategy and build a bigger brand.

The Impact of Social Media in Marketing

Businesses use many ways to do marketing, from brochures, billboards, and with the help of the internet, using websites. SMM is not much different, the first step to do marketing is to create and increase brand awareness. With an online presence on websites and social platforms, people can search for a product and find your business easily.

The best thing about SMM is that you can interact with your audience. Unlike websites that can’t connect with the audience in real-time, with Social Media, you can comment, chat or share with your audience in real-time. This can be beneficial for the company to increase its brand awareness and gain the trust of the audience.

Marketing Strategy can be measured with SMM too! using analytics tools provided by social platforms. This means businesses can promote their product or service in different ways, and see the result of each promotion. It gives the marketer measurement based on data to perceive the audience’s behavior.

Other great things for business are that some Social Media are connected to one another, like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. Marketing Strategy and Implementation can be done in one app, but the ads can be seen in both apps.

Social Platform like Facebook is very complete in marketing features. It gives management tools for the marketer to set their marketing strategy across platforms. And the best thing is you can access these features free!

So how about you? Is your business is using SMM? or you want to build one?


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