The 6 Most Popular and Most Searched Big Data Jobs by Companies

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Referring to the article on the Sagara website about big data, of course, we will be curious about what jobs are related to big data. Over the past few years, jobs that have focused on the big data field have grown in demand. This of course is influenced by the importance of using big data for large companies. In an era of increasingly sophisticated technology, data is an important part of helping companies make decisions. Previously, the company had to carry out the big data analytics process, starting from collecting data, tidying up, to analyzing it. This process is not an easy matter because the data that is collected and must be analyzed is very large and continues to grow.

That’s why there are now many types of jobs in the big data field that are increasingly needed by companies.

If you are curious about what the most sought-after jobs in the big data sector are, try to see the explanation below!

1. Data Scientist

The first type of job in the big data field is as a data scientist. In recent years, this type of work has become increasingly popular because it is needed by many companies. Data scientists have the responsibility to process data and present it in a data product. Later, the data product will be used by the company to determine a policy.

If you want to become a reliable data scientist, you need to master mathematics, statistics, and computer programming.

Indeed, many things must be mastered to try this profession, but the fees offered by the company are quite tempting.

2. Data Analyst

When it comes to jobs in the big data field, of course, data analyst is one of the most sought-after professions.
As the name implies, this profession has the main task of analyzing data.
So in carrying out their works, a data analyst will assess what data is important and needed by the company.

Other than that, the results of the analysis will be explained to those who need data. The reason is, not everyone in the company can understand how to read data.

So, a data analyst must be able to process data so that it is better understood and explained to all those who need it. That is why communication skills are also needed for this profession.

3. Data Engineer

Apart from data scientists, the next job in the big data field that is also widely needed by companies is data engineering. The task of this profession is to translate computer algorithms into prototype code and develop technical processes to improve data accessibility.

Besides of that, they also have to design systems that deal with large volumes of data. The data engineer will always be responsible for maintaining the system they have designed to process data on a large scale.

That is why a data engineer must be proficient in basic programming languages and knowledge of databases in order to facilitate their works.

4. Data Architect

A data architect is one of the jobs in the big data field that has a very important role. They must understand all aspects of database design. This is because they are tasked with designing, developing, and managing the database.

Usually, this profession will work with data engineers to create data workflows according to the goals of the company.

In addition, another responsibility of the profession is to design and test new prototype databases.

To become a professional data architect, several skills are required. These capabilities include the Python programming language, CC ++, and the database management system software.

5. Database Administrator

Database administrators have a day-to-day job of managing company databases.

Performing updates, making modifications, keeping data backups safe, and ensuring the database remains stable are examples of their responsibilities. A database administrator must have some understanding of basic programming languages as well as knowledge of databases.

6. Database Manager

The type of job in the big data field that you should know about is the database manager. A database manager will lead the data team and maintain the entire company database environment.

Therefore, to undergo this profession requires a deep understanding of the database technology used by companies.

In addition, a database manager must be someone who is trained and skilled in project management and is able to perform database diagnostics and repair.

So, to become a database manager requires not only in-depth knowledge of databases but also leadership.


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