The Advantages of Using Hybrid Cloud Computing for Business and Enterprise

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Hybrid Cloud Computing

Businesses and companies are starting to recognize the hybrid cloud because it has many benefits. What is a hybrid cloud computing and what are the benefits for the enterprise?

Hybrid cloud or hybrid cloud computing, this technology can be a solution for companies who want to maximize their business in terms of digital infrastructure support.

Along with the times, companies certainly need to ensure that IT support and infrastructure are available at all times.

The hybrid cloud is here to answer the challenges of integration between private and public clouds.

What is Hybrid Cloud Computing?

A hybrid cloud is a platform for applications built on public components and is a distributed cloud infrastructure built in private and public environments. If the private cloud offers sensitive operation services and the public cloud offers the convenience of a cloud that can be accessed by the public at a low cost, then a hybrid cloud is a clone of the two clouds.

All business activities ranging from organizational business processes, technical policies, work security, scalability, and efficiency, to costs, can be built and shared into private clouds or public clouds.

Usually, sensitive and important company-owned applications that must be maintained are stored in the organization’s private cloud network, while applications that may be accessed by the public are placed in the public cloud so that they can be hosted by the public. Users can easily access both services in their daily activities.

Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

High Flexibility

With Hybrid Cloud, you can freely switch between public clouds to private clouds or vice versa easily.

Hybrid computing capability itself is not only due to the ease of integration between private and public clouds but also in terms of very easy access.

Full Control

For control, nothing is easier than using the Hybrid Cloud.

You can take advantage of the Hybrid Cloud which has extra control when you need a special setting function.

This is possible because on Hybrid Cloud you have access to control the private cloud system or public cloud.

Lower Cost

Well, the presence of a hybrid cloud itself can balance the two options so that you get a balance in terms of budget and security features.


The capability of its public cloud features encourages companies to get scalability from here because they don’t need to fully charge to the private cloud and can share it to the public cloud.

Security Support

The next advantage of the Hybrid Cloud is the security support it provides.

Let’s say your hybrid cloud system has an error in one type of cloud, then you can use another cloud to backup.


Putting Hybrid Cloud technology into business allows you to get efficient and bigger storage.

Hybrid Cloud Functions for Enterprise

  1. With this technology, you can take advantage of features such as APIs. That are the same as cloud computing systems so that you can speed up data processing locally without excessive delays. For example, in the health sector, this feature can process medical information responsively and quickly through the cloud supported by local data storage. These integrated features increase acceleration in the company’s service innovation to consumers.
  1. This is also useful if your company operates in a country with strict data protection regulations.
  1. In addition to the system, the function of utilizing this hybrid computing is cost-efficiency. For example, avoiding the risks of operational errors, and time for maintenance, to reducing the budget for purchasing additional hardware from third parties.


Before using hybrid computing technology, there are at least three things that companies should consider.

Preparing monitoring tools

Therefore, you need to prepare special tools to be able to monitor public and private clouds.

Determining the Applications to Install

You must be able to determine which parts should be in the public cloud and private cloud.

Human Resources

The problem of human resources has always been the main obstacle in terms of technological transformation.

So, you need to prepare the best human resources who can manage cloud computing and networking infrastructure.


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