The Creative Process of User Interface Design


User Interface(UI) Design is the graphical layout of an application that consists of the button, text, images, slider, text entry fields, and all the items that users use to interact. UI Design is a part of UX Design which focuses on looks or style.

User Interface (UI) design needs to be creative in order to truly connect with users. UI designers solve problems, and the only way they can do so effectively is to think of innovative solutions. Creativity is a source of innovation, which makes it something businesses look for. Frustratingly, creativity can be elusive. UX/UI design is the process by which digital products are imbued with creativity.

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These following process could help you in making an impressive UIs.

  1. Make elements such as buttons, input controls, navigational and informational components, and also containers.
  2. Maintain high discoverability.
  3. Keep it simple.
  4. Focus on readability and hierarchy of the layout.
  5. Draw attention to key features.
  6. Use progressive disclosure.
  7. Reduce user burdens.
  8. Use reusable design pattern.
  9. Concentrate on maintaining brand consistency.

After that, you could also create a prototype that allows designers to show their design through an interactive and engaging product. It also helps in demonstrating the ideas that might be difficult to express. The other benefits you could get from prototyping is that it saves your time, it re-examines flow and evaluating user design, and it is also a perfect way to get feedback from the clients.

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