The Government’s Role in Encouraging Digital Transformation through Digital Talent Development

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On this occasion, Sagara, who, this time, was represented by Mutiara Aulia, had the opportunity to hold a talk show with Hary Budiarto, the head of Balitbang SDM Kominfo, to discuss the role of the government in encouraging digital transformation in society.

With the current pandemic, there are several advantages to the technology sector, especially in the digital transformation. During normal conditions, the estimated time to realize the digital transformation is around 3-5 years from now. However, with the pandemic, all sectors are required to carry out digital transformation.

Government Readiness in Digital Transformation

Live talk show at Sagara x Leaders

Currently, technology continues to develop, and the industrial world has entered industry 4.0. It has caused people to enter the era of society 5.0, where in their lives, people have been using digital technology. There is also the readiness of the government factor in implementing digital transformation in accordance with the instructions from President Jokowi.

1. Building digital Infrastructure Access, The government must build digital infrastructure in order for people to be able to enter and access the digital world.

2. Preparing Digital Roadmap, In implementing digital transformation, the government needs to prepare a digital roadmap so that the digital transformation plan is more focused.

3. Having a Data Center, The President has instructed to create a data center that could be accessed by the government and the public.

4. Setting up Digital Talent, The President has asked to prepare approximately 9 million talents.

5. The drafting of the law, Legislation is made to regulate people’s lives in the digital world.

Referring to the fourth point on the government’s readiness for digital transformation, the government is preparing 9 million digital talents through the digitalent program. In the program, the concept used is the pyramid concept. Where the most basic thing is targeting the digital literacy of the community. Then in the middle there is a digital talent scholarship program in the form of trainings to improve people’s skills in the digital world. At the top is the digital leadership program, which is a program intended for leaders so that they are aware of the digital world and create synergy in this digital transformation.

In order to produce 9 million digital talents by 2035, the Ministry of Communication and Information and other ministries work together to produce digital talents according to the targeted number and years. Kominfo creates a Digital Talent Scholarship program consisting of 8 academies.

1. Fresh Graduate Academy

This program is intended for students who are at the end of their study period as well as students who have graduated. The training provided is in the form of networking, big data, and artificial intelligence training. The training duration is 1 month, and training certifications are provided by international companies such as Cisco and Huawei.

2. Vocational School Graduate Academy

Technical Guidance for the Vocational School Graduate Academy (VSGA) Program is a national competency-based training and certification program aimed at SMK, Diploma 3 and 4 graduates who have not worked and have educational backgrounds in accordance with their respective training themes. The VSGA Program Technical Guidance which aims to produce talent / human resources at the technician level in the technology sector will be carried out offline. The choice of training themes in the VSGA Technical Guidance Program is Network Administrator, Web Developer, Mobile Programmer, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphic Artist, Multimedia Designer, Drivetester, Fiber Optic Installation and Activation Technician, Video Editor, and Data Management Staff.

3. Professional Academy

Professional Academy Digital Talent Scholarship (DTS PRO) is one of the academies of the Digital Talent Scholarship in 2021 which aims to improve the capabilities of skilled workforce in the IT field that is in accordance with industry needs. It is believed that the share of the ICT market during the pandemic is still strong compared to other sectors, the increasing use of ICT and internet devices, especially in the application of physical distancing, this is what encourages the ICT sector to still develop during a pandemic.

4. Thematic Academy

This program is intended for people with disabilities and migrant workers. The training provided is in the form of training for online selling.

5. Entrepreneurship Academy

The Digital Entrepreneurship Academy (DEA) Digital Talent Scholarship 2021 program is a program implemented by the Human Resources Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in collaboration with Global Tech Company Partners, Universities, and Local Start-ups. The target of this program is to print new Digital Entrepreneurs (Digipreneurs) with a target of 22,000 people in order to prepare superior Human Resources to face the era of the industrial revolution 4.0.

6. Government Transformation Academy

The Government Transformation Academy is one of the academies of the Digital Talent Scholarship in 2021 which aims to improve the competence of ASN in supporting the acceleration of digital transformation in Government agencies.

7. Digital Leadership Academy

The Digital Leadership Academy is a training intended for leaders of an agency, in order to create synergy between elements.

8. Talent Scouting Academy

A program intended for those who excel in higher education. The talent is trained to become a leader and intern at a foreign company before returning to college.

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