Types of Google Ads, Choose According to What You Need

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types of google ads

Advertising is one way to promote your product or service. Advertising on Google is one of the marketing strategies that you should try. The chances of your ad being seen by more people are greater. see the article below to find out the types of google ads.

Google Adwords (Google Ads) 

Google Ads is a paid advertising service that is displayed on Google search results pages. With a search network campaign strategy, your ads will appear according to searches with keywords that are relevant to your business.

There are several advantages to using this type of ad. First, ads can be seen by many people. Second, you can define your target audience more specifically.

If the purpose of your advertising is to increase sales, website traffic, and leads, you can use this type of Google Ads ad.

Google Display Network

Google Display Network (GDN) is a type of advertisement in the form of text and images displayed on websites, applications, and mobile games.

This type of Google ads ad can increase the brand awareness of your business. The reason is that GDN is able to reach 90% of internet users. In addition, the chances of your ad being clicked are also greater. Because, the visual display is more attractive to the audience than just text.

There are a few tips when advertising with GDN. First, make the ad visuals to be interesting. Second, use the various ad formats available. Make sure you apply it properly so that your business profits increase.

Google Shopping 

Google Shopping is a Google advertising service in the catalog that displays more detailed product information. not only displays images and names of google shopping products but also displays prices and online shop links.

With this Google Ads ad, sales transactions can be done easily. No wonder, Google Shopping is quite powerful in increasing your conversion rate. Interestingly, you are also free to set the budget according to your needs.

YouTube Ads 

Google does not only provide image and text format ads. There are also ads with video formats for YouTube. Advertising on YouTube is very profitable because the number of users is the largest in Indonesia.

YouTube Ads has several types of ads that you can choose from. There are Skippable in-Stream Ads that can be skipped, Discovery Ads that will appear on search results pages to Non-video Ads whose format can be in the form of text or images.

YouTube ads are suitable for many purposes. Starting from increasing brand awareness, product consideration, website traffic, to leads.

Google AdMob

AdMob is short for advertising on mobile. This type of Google ads ad can help you promote products through mobile applications. With Google AdMob, your ad banner will appear in the mobile apps that users are using.

Google AdMob is multiplatform. That is, it supports various systems such as Android, WebOS, iOS, and Windows Phone.

One of the important features of Google AdMob is Open Bidding. You can quote ad click prices easily. with Google AdMob you can get a price that fits your budget.

Choose types of Google ads according to what you need

each google ad has its own advantages and disadvantages, the best ads are ads that match your marketing campaign. I hope the article about the types of Google ads can help you to choose.


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