Understanding the Differences between SEO and SEM

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Lots of time when people talk about SEO, it is rarely to discuss SEM at the same time. Though both are something that is important to understand in the world of the internet. Especially if you are in business that uses the internet for digital marketing. And so, you first need to understand the difference between SEO and SEM well.

Definition of SEO and SEM

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an effort to optimize a website to get a top ranking in search results. If the position of your website is in the position of the best search results in the SERP it will allow others to find your website easily.

Meanwhile, SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. The definition of SEM is optimizing a website so that it appears in search engines by utilizing advertisements. In other words, the application of SEM requires tactics to properly advertise websites using various methods, such as Pay Per Click (PPC), and so on. It is clear that the implementation of this method requires a fee as well.

Functionally, the two have quite a lot in common. However, in terms of how they work, they both have their own advantages and disadvantages. To be clear, let’s understand the difference between them.

Understanding the Difference between SEO and SEM

1.Target audience

With SEM, you can choose the desired target audience, from age category, gender, region and others better than SEO. In addition, the target audience used in SEM is much more measurable and can be done at the beginning of setting up the ad.

Whereas in the implementation of SEO, you can’t necessarily target the audience. You need to increase the content first on the website, then you can analyze whether the content is in accordance with the set targets. If not, then you need to do a lot more optimization.


When viewed from the process, both SEO and SEM do not immediately appear on the first page of search. However, when compared to SEO, the speed of results provided by SEM can be felt faster. SEM can also be turned off if it turns out that the intended target has not been reached, then reactivated after you have redefined the target audience.

3. Time Period

In contrast to SEM, SEO will have a long optimization impact. Meanwhile, SEM will only last for a specified period of time. In other words, the duration of the ad only lasts according to the amount of the fee you pay. While SEO will last for quite a long time in accordance with existing developments.

4. Budget

The difference between SEO and other SEM is in terms of the required budget. SEM in the form of paid advertising definitely requires a predetermined budget according to the time period you want. So in order to use it, you have to prepare a budget that’s not small. While SEO can be used at no cost. Simply put, SEO is free and SEM is paid.]

5. Potential CTR (Click Through Rate)

Lastly, the potential CTR of SEO is greater than SEM. Even though SEO and SEM results appear on the first page at the same time, people are less likely to click on paid ads than SEO optimization results.

This is because people tend to avoid the “ads” sign that appear together at the top of searches. They will think the link that appears with the ad/ads sign is just a regular ad and doesn’t necessarily have the content they want.

Understanding the difference between SEO and SEM will help you make better decisions in improving website performance. Then choose and decide according to your current needs. More here

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