Website Tips: Several Things to Consider Before Creating a Website

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Website Tips

You must pay attention to some website tips before you make the process of creating or ordering a website. For a website developer classmate, creating a website is not difficult.

But now the website seems to be a marketing or branding need for several parties. And not all of them master the science of programming to build a website. Let alone make the website very interesting and informative.

Actually, it is possible to use the services of a developer to create the website you need with some website tips, but on the other hand, as a customer, you have to spend a lot of money on it.

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Here are Some Website Tips:

Website Theme/Concept

The first is about the main theme or concept of a website. This will determine all the material that will be presented by users and information seekers. The mistake that must be understood is that readers should not know the identity of the site that was created. The theme will make it easy for someone to understand and this becomes the branding of the website as well as the product.

Domain Name

Domain names are important things that must be considered carefully before entering and struggling in the internet world. For selecting or using a domain name, it is recommended that others are easy to remember. In short, the domain name is your website’s main identity, which contains various information that visitors need. To have a domain name that you really want, then you may fight with other users because the domain names cannot be the same as each other or will not be duplicated.


Indeed, this content can be seen from the website’s needs, but this greatly affects the understanding of users when visiting a website about what we serve them.

Content can be seen from static or dynamic web content and it depends on the type of website which means the website is fixed or changing.

Website Identity

The website must have an identity to look unique. To highlight the identity of a website, it can be done by various attributes contained on the website. And one of the most fatal or the most important is the logo. The presence of a logo is also a must to be able to describe the website itself. So, adjust the logo to the theme of the website you are going to create.

Text and Color

The use of text or typography is also an important thing to consider on a website.

For Example, it is not possible to use text that has a horror impression and has a gripping color for a parenting website.


The website is built not only to fulfill the principle of being attractive but also to be informative so that website visitors will be very easy and comfortable when visiting your website.

The layout on the website such as the title, and the placement of website content also needs to be adjusted to the needs of the website and the concept of the website and get rid of components that are not needed or interfere with visitors or website performance.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Meanwhile, SEO makes the website easy to find by the target market that has been adjusted by the site builder itself. If you don’t use SEO, then a website will not develop rapidly and have the potential to be ignored by the target market. SEO is also related to the content on a website. This will also support the website can be known by many people.


Accessibility is very important to ensure that your website is understood by users in the digital space with various types of educational backgrounds


While performance is the key to the four things mentioned above. This will improve the quality of the website you have, whether it’s a website for yourself or a company.

Hosting Provider

Choose a hosting provider that is experienced and has good reviews. Don’t just be tempted by the low price and large capacity. Price guarantees quality.

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