What is Conversion Rate and Its Main Functions for Websites?

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Convertion Rate

What is Conversion Rate?

In a business context, the conversion rate is the percentage of a business page’s effectiveness at enticing visitors to take an action.

These actions can be in the form of purchases, subscribing, sending emails, and various other actions. Conversion rate is very useful in assessing the success of an online marketing campaign.

Have you ever calculated the total profit of your website visitors? The trick is that you can divide the number of conversions that occur on one website page by the total number of visitors to that website. Then, the results of the distribution are multiplied by 100. In fact, the number of shares and the number of visitors on social media is not enough if it is used as a parameter for the success of an online marketing campaign.

Currently, the average calculation across all types of industries is 2.35 percent. 25 percent of online business people can achieve a conversion rate of 5.31 percent. The other 10 percent can get an amazing figure, which is 11.45 percent. You need to do calculations in advance against previous achievements. If previously it had only reached 0.3 percent or 0.5 percent, the target of 2.35 percent is a number that is still normal. However, when previously it had reached around 2 percent, target an even higher number.


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is very important in online business because no matter how creative your design and the performance of your website, you still need visitors to be more active in interacting with your website in an easier and more efficient way. which is usually done by companies and agencies, usually this marketing is expensive and inefficient. This is the advantage of using CRO, you can identify your target marketing in advance and find the right and effective solution to grow your business.

In addition, what should be noted is that this CRO strategy will not change any active visitors to your website to become active visitors or subscribers. It is these people who will help you to make your marketing easier by their willingness to tell anyone they relate to how helpful and cool your company is in meeting their wants or needs.

The advantage of CRO, it is more about increasing the activity of existing website visitors than attracting random people to become new visitors to your website. This investment will make your website more efficient for your business.

Another advantage of this CRO is that you can be ahead of your business rivals. This is because a better assessment of the market for you can lead more people to switch to your product or service that is superior to other similar companies.

Steps to Increase Conversion Rate

Using CTA

The first way to increase your conversion rate is with a CTA.

CTA or Call To Action is a part of a website page, either in the form of text, images, buttons, or other forms.

In this case, a text CTA is considered to be more effective and successful in generating impact than a banner at the end of the page.

Without a CTA, it is clear that the conversion rate will not be optimal.

For this reason, attractively packaged CTA will open up opportunities for higher conversion rates.

Using Pop-Ups for Websites

The next step in the conversion rate is to use a pop-up that will appear on the website page.

You can adjust the appearance of the pop-up, from the time it appears to an attractive shape.

For testing, you can use two types of pop-ups, then judge which one generates more responses from website visitors.

Besides being attractive, a good pop-up should be easy to understand.

However, make sure its presence does not interfere with the comfort of surfing the website.

Easy Access to Customer Service

Although all the information about the purchase is listed in full on the website, visitors sometimes prefer to ask directly.

The reason is, that talking to humans is definitely more fun than just through machines. Therefore, make sure visitors have easy access to customer service.

Through this route, the chances of purchase are expected to be greater than relying solely on CTA. One form of ease of access is by displaying a help chat button on the website.

Take Advantage of Potential Articles

The next step if you want to increase your conversion rate is to take advantage of potential articles.

This potential article is an article on a website that has high traffic. Despite having many visitors, this article did not increase the conversion rate.

Why? This could be due to the absence of a strategy for the content. Instead, install a pop-up to increase the conversion rate through this potential article.

Don’t forget, that adding a CTA to the article will let visitors know what to do after browsing the website.

Doing Remarketing

If website visitors do nothing while visiting, there is no need to be discouraged. You can still attract their attention by doing remarketing.

Through remarketing, you can show ads to people who have just visited your website on other websites they opened after that.

The purpose of remarketing is to maintain the desire to buy.

Remember, an increase in the conversion rate of a website indicates a successful online marketing campaign.

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