What is CTR? Here some Tips for Information

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What Is CTR

Just being on page 1 of Google is not enough. The audience must enter your page, if your website visitors are still few, it means your CTR is still low, to get high engagement, you need a high CTR too, what is CTR?.

What is CTR?

Click Through Rate (CTR) is the number of clicks to the number of impressions. While the impression is the number of appearances of your website page in Google search results. in analogy, the google page is the market, the store is the website, the people who come to the market are the impressions. The CTR is the number of people who enter the store to all the people in the market.

Optimize CTR

Getting high organic CTR is difficult. There are many ways to increase CTR that you can practice right away. Below are effective ways to increase your organic CTR.

Audience Reasearch

The most common mistake that website or blog owners make is not understanding the audience they are trying to reach. Often the author determines the topic to be written based on subjective judgment alone, without considering what the reader wants.

Audience research is very important, imagine if you walk meat in a fruit market, people will be confused and will not buy, just like Google page. People will not click on our website even though the search volume is high.

Adjust the meta title meta description with keywords

Google only displays the title and meta title on the page, this shows that what must be optimized is the title and meta title. Create an attractive title and meta title and contain the intended keywords. don’t write too long title and meta title. Limit the meta title to no more than 130 characters, because if it is more google will cut it.

Use Structured Markup

When doing a search on Google, you may have come across search results like the one below. In addition to the title, URL, and meta description, this website page also displays ratings. The rating below is a form of structured markup. You can easily add structured markup using a plugin. Structured markup plugins that you can use are Schema Pro, WP Review, etc.

CTR structure markup

Create good content and SEO friendly

Content that matches the intended keywords will make the audience long to read and not immediately move to another page. Imagine if you sell meat but you give chicken instead, the buyer will be disappointed. try to be honest, because the content of your content will determine CTR.

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