What is JavaScript? Here Guide for Beginners

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What is Javascript

JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in the development of websites, applications, games, and more. In fact, products from large companies such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn have also used JavaScript. let’s look at the article what is javascript, what is its function?.

What is Javascript?

JavaScript is a popular programming language used to create websites with dynamic website content. In fact, there is more than 67.7 percent of developers use JavaScript.

JavaScript itself is actually usually collaborated with HTML and CSS. Where HTML is used to create website structures and CSS to design website page styles.

Then, JavaScript plays the role of adding interactive elements to increase user engagement.

This programming language was originally a programming language that only worked from the client-side or front end. This means that the processing of code will only run in the browser.

Along with its development, this programming language can not only be used on the client-side, but also on the server-side. Execution of this programming language on the server-side can be done by utilizing its framework platforms such as Node.js, React.js, and others.

JavaScript Functions

JavaScript Make the Website More Attractive

It is able to make websites look more attractive and interactive, with dynamic content.

For example, content that moves and updates in real-time without the need to reload all web pages many times.

For example, like google maps, when the route pointer feature is activated, Google Maps can continue to update your position in real-time without the need to reload. This certainly cannot be done without using JavaScript.

Well, by using this programming language, visitors will certainly feel comfortable for hours exploring your website, right?

Creating Mobile Applications

The next function is to create mobile applications. In the past, mobile applications could only be developed using the Java programming language for Android.

Now, this programming language can be used in the mobile API to create mobile applications.

It is also easier to create mobile applications with the existence of a JavaScript framework specifically for mobile applications, such as React Native. With this framework, you can create mobile applications for two operating systems at once, namely Android and iOS.

Developing Web Browser-Based Games

Not only creating web pages, but JavaScript can also function to develop browser-based online games.

To make this browser game, this programming language is combined with HTML5 which is able to make the game more interesting. Some popular JavaScript games, such as Lord of Ultima and Flappy Bird.

This JavaScript-based game development is also supported by game-specific JavaScript frameworks, such as Playground.js, Panda.js, and Quintus.

Running the Web Server

Finally, along with its development, this programming language is not only able to work on the browser side, but also on the server-side using Node.js.

This Node.js will execute JavaScript code on the server-side so that it can run websites, web applications, and browser-based games.

Node.js is also better able to handle multiple processes simultaneously, without having to wait for one process to finish first. So the process can be done faster.

Advantages of Javascript

In addition to its various functions, here are some of the advantages that make it popular:

Easy to Understand and Learn

Programming languages have their own level of difficulty. Well, JavaScript is one that is easy to learn.

The syntax or writing the code is very concise so it is easy to understand. if the code in the c++ language is 8 lines, this programming language is only one line

Flexible Use

With JavaScript, websites can be made from the client side which is more dynamic and interactive. Even with its development, this programming language is not only used on the client or browser side. But also on the server-side with Node.js.

With it, you can develop a variety of software such as servers, mobile and desktop applications, games, and consoles.

Lighter Server Load

Pun, proses kerjanya di sisi server dinilai sangat efisien. Sebab, cara kerjanya yang bersifat non-blocking. Artinya, prosesnya tidak akan berhenti satu proses saja. Bahkan, dapat dilakukan bersamaan, jika proses sebelumnya tidak membutuhkan output. 

Dengan kata lain, beban kerja server akan jauh lebih ringan jika menggunakan JavaScript.  

Can be used for all needs

You can use JavaScript for various needs. Not only for the front-end, you can even manage the server (backend) using Node.js.

By using this programming language, you can develop websites more efficiently. Because, you don’t need to bother using other programming languages.

Have an Active Community

Besides being easy to learn and flexible, Javascript also has the support of an active developer community.

With this community, you can get help from the community if you experience problems such as bugs when developing your application. So, it will be easier to find a solution.

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