What SEO Specialist Do and How to Become one

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SEO Specialist

One of the most wanted digital talents right now is SEO Specialists. Nowadays every company uses websites to make an online presence and tries to make it on top of search engines. But unfortunately, many companies still lacking digital talents that can help boost their websites to get more traffic.

Thankfully, you can find a lot of online courses to practice and hone a skill in SEO. To practice your skills, many websites provide free SEO analysis and try to optimize your own blog. And don’t forget to always follow the rule of SEO and avoiding Black Hat SEO Practices.

Daily Work as SEO Specialists

So now we know how to learn these skills and the goals, so what is actually SEO Specialist do? To answer this question, we need to understand that this work on organic search. It means that as SEO Specialists we need to understand what the searcher is searching and how they type on the search query.

An SEO specialist tests, analyzes, and changes a website to make it optimized for search engines like Google or Bing. They perform optimization across website to ensure search results are relevant, make a great user experience, generate traffics, and make the website ranks high.

Search engine optimization is a keyword game. By understanding what the searcher wants and leveraging SEO tools, an SEO specialist can boost page visibility on Google. This means making benefits for any company.

To create a good SEO strategy, SEO Specialist need to optimizing copy and landing pages. A lot of content is great for ranking as long as it is relevant to the searcher and overall websites. A landing page also plays a huge part to make searchers stay on the website and make them do what you want (Buy, Subscribe, Sign Up). So the website needs to be relevant, fast, easy to navigate, and interactive.

Often, SEO is used to raise brand awareness and recognition of the company. So then it not only using tactics for direct and immediate impact on sales but also focus on building a brand that is very useful in a long-term strategy.

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