Why Bounce Rate is Important in Digital Business?

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Bounce Rate on Website

Ever wonder why your website has so many views but not generating any conversions? Well, there are plenty of reasons why this is happening. For starters, you can measure user page visits using bounce rate. It is an indicator that shows the percentage of single-page visits in which a user leaves your website from the landing page without browsing any page.

From that definition, we can see that a landing page is a crucial part of a website. To make visitors stay on your website, it needs to be interactive, easy to navigate, and a strong CTAs. It is only a basic strategy, but very powerful if you improve it.

Factors that affecting Bounce Rate

To generate conversion on your website, Bounce Rate is one of the indicators to look at. It shows how the visitors feel and interact with your website. And you need to consider a change on these factors:

  • Slow Websites
  • Misleading Description
  • Irrelevant and Low Quality Content
  • Bad Link from other sites
  • No custom Error 404 Page
  • Weak CTAs
  • Not offering cross-device view

The mentioned factors play a big part in website success if you’re looking for a conversion. You need to understand that having a high bounce rate is not necessarily a bad thing. If your website is a single-page session or content, then it is perfectly normal.

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So How it is important for Digital Business

If your business uses a website to sell a product or maybe offer a specific service like plumbing, keeping visitors on your website is the key to success. Why? Because a business like this is looking for conversions, and if the bounce rate is high, the chance for conversion is low.

Visitors are likely to stay if we give a comfortable experience in navigating a website. It also needs to have relevant information that the searcher is looking for. Using the searcher language is increasing the chance for the website to be viewable.

Well, bounce rate might be important, but never forget other SEO indicators. Applying White Hat SEO is the key to making your website visible and reaching the top of the search engines. And finally, keep testing and improving the website to make the viewers stay and make conversions for the business.

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