Your first step on Web Developer

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Your first step on Web Development
Your first step on Web Develoment

Have you ever wondered how someone can make a website and use it as their business platform? or simply make a blog about their story and share it to everyone through the internet? Well, there are plenty of websites on the internet, but how does it work? This is how you start your first step on web development.

Web Development is a way to create a website through a certain process and step. There are plenty of things you need to learn to develop a website. You can learn that on a course platform or simply self learning with a roadmap that you can search on google.

There are three types of web developers that focus on what they do. Front-end web developer, Back-end web developer, and Full-stack web developer.

Front-end Web Developer

Front-end Developer works are related to everything that is visible on the website. They are responsible for everything that you can see or interact on the website, such as the design, layout, Interactive components, etc. Front-end developers oftenly got a help from a UI/UX Designer for a better design that is easy to understand for the users, but, there are plenty of developers that are also designers.

Front-end Developer have to mastered HTML, CSS, and Javascript as their basic skills to developing a website. UI prototyping skills is a bonus if you learn UI/UX Design too


HTML or Hypertext Markup Language is a standard markup language for website. it is used to construct the website by the tag that is used on certain purpose, it also describes the website structure by the tag that is defined by <> symbol, for example, the headings will have <h1> to <h6> for the headings tag. You can learn another tag on various websites or course platforms such as


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. it is mainly used as a makeup for the website cause it described how the HTML elements to be displayed. With CSS, you can save a lot of work cause it can be used on multiple layout website. CSS also provided by some framework that can be used to help you.


What’s the point if your website isn’t interactive, well, Javascript is there to help you with that. Javascript is used to level up your website, not just a pretty simple website, but also a user friendly, fast, and interactive one. You can make any Interactive components on your website with Javascript. 

Back-end Web Developer

Back-end Developer often deals with database and server of the website. Unlike the Front-end Developer that deals with everything that is visible on the website, Back-end Developer works are not visible by us. There are some programming languages you need to learn to be a Back-end Developer such as SQL, Python, Java, PHP, etc. You can learn that all with a roadmap to make it easier to understand where you need to start your learning.

Full-stack Developer

From the name itself we could know that Full-stack Developer consist the two developer types up there. basically, Full-stack Developer do all the things from back to front of the website. You have to understand Front-end and Back-end to be a Full-stack Developer.

Web developer is such a nice job that you can do in the future or now, cause the need of web developer is high. You can be a freelance web developer or works for a company. and web development, offers a decent amount of money to make.

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