All About UX Writer: Definition, Responsibilities and Skills

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This is a one-stop guide for UX Writer

UX Writer is one of the many professions that’s been getting a lot of spotlight and demand. It was thanks to no other than the development of technology and digital businesses. This phenomenon has been around since the emergence of websites, apps, and other digital platforms as the medium of selling products or services online.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar with it, you may be more aware of one closely related term; UX Designer. This position seems to be more well-known. However, there’s a major difference between them despite the same emphasis on users’ experience. The former focused on texts, and the latter focused on designs.

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Users’ experience has always been essential for the well-being of a brand. Therefore, companies usually place a high demand on the position of UX Writer.

This article will answer questions such as; what exactly is a UX Writer? What are the job descriptions? and what does it take to be a good UX Writer? Let’s dig in.

What is UX Writer?

UX Writer is a position that focuses on creating copies or texts that appear in almost every corner of the interface of digital products, such as mobile apps, websites, etc. 

Don’t confuse UX Writer with another related term like Copywriter, though. While copywriters emphasize on ‘selling’ words, UX Writer’s words are all about guiding users through the interface.

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For easier understanding, we can think of a UX Writer as the person who wrote messages/texts for buttons, menus, error messages, push notifications, on the interface of a certain digital product. 

The sole purpose is enhancing users’ experience, by writing copies in an intuitive manner and aligned with the brand’s identity, while also easy to digest for their diverse users (age, gender, preferences, etc plays a huge part).

Responsibilities and Skills Needed for UX Writer

a group of UX Writers doing their responsibilities

There are three main things to do as a UX Writer while also covering the skills needed for becoming a UX Writer. While it may not be limited to such, here’s the list:


To be well aware about our customers or users needs, problems, and preferences, a thorough research is obviously needed. Just like what has been discussed above, several aspects of our users are essential information.

With knowledge that is obtained through research, it will act as a guideline for creating copies that are suitable and relevant for certain groups of people.

In terms of skills, we have to be familiar with proper research steps, what variables are being used, and to what extent the results may affect our workflow.


This goes without saying, UX Writers are fundamentally writers, so writing activities are the bread and butter for UX Writers. Not to sound too technical, but writing in UX Writer occupies above 70% of the total time.

In terms of skills, having a good writing skill means we have to be able to look for good and simple dictions that are comfortable enough to see in the interface is one of the most important things about being a UX Writer.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis means that by being a UX Writer we should consider our competitor’s strategies of writing UX copies. In short, we will be looking thoroughly about what strategy that works best for them. Piggyback that strategy is an option for there’s a high chance it would work well for us too. Remembering we and that competitor work in the same industry field.

In terms of skills, competitive analysis means we have to be able to look for particular patterns in our competitor’s UX Writing. Consider their brand’s identities in this process while brainstorming about what strategy would work with our brand’s identities.

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If you’re interested in becoming a UX Writer, don’t be afraid to start from scratch and start honing your skills based on the list above. And remember, taking some courses or certification can be a huge plus for the recruiters.

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