Everything you need to know about 5G Technology

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5G Technology
Modern city with smart 5G wireless communication network concept .
Modern city with smart 5G wireless communication network concept .

What is 5G Technology

5G is the fifth generation of cellular technology. It is designed to increase speed, reduce latency, and improve flexibility of wireless services.

What are the benefits of 5G Technology?

The 5G network has a much more stable speed and implements low latency compared to the previous generation. In addition, being able to have a much better internet speed.

5G is able to help in surfing activities in cyberspace, for example, downloading and uploading large-capacity files in a short time, and streaming 4K resolution without interruption. This helps to increase day-to-day productivity as everything gets done very quickly.

Cloud Gaming

Low latency on 5G will certainly be beneficial when playing games. The existence of this low latency makes no time lag required in transmitting data from sender to receiver. An example that will be felt in playing games is being able to respond to the opponent’s movements deftly because the 5G network has very fast data transmission.

Using the 5G network, you can enjoy Cloud Gaming services that allow playing games directly or in real-time on smartphone devices on Xbox One, PlayStation games to computers.

Use of Drones

Currently, the use of drones has attracted a lot of attention in various industrial sectors, such as agriculture, mapping, oil and gas, to the military. With the help of drone cameras, they can help monitor factory operations directly.

This 5G network is able to control drones with a high level of precision and is able to send videos with the best resolution directly.

VR and AR Games

The weakness of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is always latency or time lag. The implementation of 5G will help a stable connection so that the lag time will be faster to just a few milliseconds.

The 5G network makes connectivity seamless while enjoying VR and AR games will feel much more real-time and will be more realistic.

Helping IoT Development

Internet of things (IoT) is a technology that applies internet networks to share data, and can be accessed remotely allowing multiple devices to be connected to each other. Various sectors have used the application of IoT to assist operational activities.

The application of IoT using this 5G network will provide much more stable and fast connectivity. This will help improve the progress of the ecosystem in the current era.

The combination of the two can connect billions of devices for the right exchange of data between latency, speed and price. This will help many sectors, for example, to increase industrial automation in factory machines.

The implementation of this 5G network will have a major impact on developments in the current era. With the ease of getting various information today, the 5G network will facilitate and increase high productivity. Therefore, use the best possible opportunity to continue to improve skills, so that we can continue to innovate for the development of ourselves and the country.

When will 5G be available and how will it expand?

5G service is already available in some areas in various countries. These early-generation 5G services are called 5G non-standalone (5G NSA). This technology is a 5G radio that builds on existing 4G LTE network infrastructure. 5G NSA will be faster than 4G LTE. But the high-speed, low-latency 5G technology the industry has focused on is 5G standalone (5G SA). It should start becoming available by 2020 and be commonly available by 2022.

Will there be 6G Technology later?

It is very possible that there is new technology considering that there are so many new discoveries that can be implemented in everyday life. However, to learn more about 6G technology, it is still far from our era, where at this time 5G itself is still very little used and its distribution is still not stable. Estimates for 6G technology can be made in the next three to five years. depending on the massive progressive technology and society that is ready for technology.

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