How to Choose Key Opinion Leader for Your Business

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Key Opinion Leader

In the digital marketing world, the use of Key Opinion Leaders in forming an opinion about a brand is many uses. As an online business owner, you are certainly getting used to working with Key Opinion Leaders, especially when promoting new products. So what exactly is a Key Opinion Leader, and how do you choose the right Key Opinion Leader to use in your business? The following is a complete explanation of the Key Opinion Leader by Sagara.

What is a Key Opinion Leader?

Reporting from Spheregency, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) defines groups of famous individuals who can influence their followers with their expertise or interests in specific topics. Simply put, KOL is an expert in a field whose opinion is valid and trusted by many people. KOL has a vital role in building brand awareness in online businesses. 

For example, for a judge who has expertise in law, the statement issued by this individual regarding the law is valid because he is a judge. Key opinion leaders are trusted because of their knowledge in the field, gained through professionalism or long-time experience. KOL has a significant role in digital marketing because it can increase the brand’s credibility to trust.

The existence of KOL is not only active on social media but also we can see on television, in newspapers, and in magazines, and can even be seen directly, such as when participating in talk shows or seminars.

Type of Key Opinion Leader

There are several types of KOL for promotion on social media, which are classified based on the number of followers on their social media accounts. The more followers a KOL has, the more valuable their skills become. KOL’s skill may have an impact on a brand’s marketing success. The following are four types of KOL.

  • Mega influencer

A mega influencer is someone who has over 1,000,000 followers. In comparison to the others, this is the highest KOL category.

  • Macro influencer

A macro influencer is someone who has more than 100,000 followers. The second-highest KOL level is Macro Influencers.

  • Micro influencer

This KOL group has over 10,000 followers. This type of KOL has a more personal relationship and interaction with its audience.

  • Nano influencer

A KOL who has more than 1,000 followers is a KOL who has just started their career. These Nano Influencers can generally increase brand recognition.

The difference between Key Opinion Leaders and Influencer

Most people think KOL is an influencer, but this is not valid. KOL is not the same as an influencer. As explained above, KOL has the meaning of an individual who has expertise in a particular field. Meanwhile, influencers can influence others with their opinions on a topic. 

The difference between KOL and influencer lies in the individual’s knowledge. Influencers have a general understanding of the topic, while KOL has an in-depth knowledge of a particular field. 

As opposed to key opinion leaders, influencers make the majority of their money through social media. An influencer’s credibility is determined by their social media persona and the content they share.

How to choose KOL?

For a brand to get maximum results in product promotion using KOL, the brand must first choose the right Key Opinion Leader. To find the right KOL for your brand, you can pay attention to the following things that can be used in determining the right KOL.

  1. Choose a KOL that is relevant to your brand.

First, you can choose a KOL relevant to your product or brand. Right KOL will give credibility to the promoted product. For example, if the promotion product is a beauty product, you can choose a KOL expert, such as a beauty vlogger or an aesthetic doctor.

  1. Offline reputation

Unlike influencers who are mostly only active on social media, a KOL usually takes an active role in offline activities. KOL must have a good reputation offline. KOL’s credibility can reach audiences outside of social media.

  1. The number of followers of

Key Opinion Leaders who have many followers on their social media accounts will benefit the brand because KOL’s more active followers will increase brand awareness in the promotion process.

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