How to Use Google AdWords and its Benefits

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How to Use Google AdWords and its Benefits

Google Adwords is a feature used to advertise business products, which will later appear on Google search pages, with certain keywords related to the advertised product.

For information, actually, Google Adwords changed its name to Google Ads, in 2018. Even so, this rebranding has no effect on how it works and its use.

The existence of Google Ads is claimed to be able to answer the anxiety felt by business people, especially those who want or have penetrated into the digital world. This feature facilitates the ability of business people to plan digital marketing strategies.

Business people can set their own ad placements to appear on Google Search, as well as other criteria such as keywords, topics, locations, to language, according to the target market targeted by business people.

Not only that, the duration of the ad serving and the range of the number of clicks per day, can also be set by business people, according to their marketing budget.

How to Use Google AdWords

Once you know what Google AdWords is, you should also understand how to use it. For more details, see the following reviews:

Create Google Account

Of course, the first way is to have a Google account first. Do it like making an email in general. However, if you already have a personal account, then you can use it.

But if you don’t want your inbox to be filled with Google Ads notifications, you can create a new account. After that, just go to Google Ads and choose the Goals that best suit the product.

Define Reach

Next, do the registration stage by filling in some data. One of them is by entering the location that will be the sales target. For example, specifically for the local area or to foreign countries.

Then don’t forget to include your choice of business category, so it will be easier for Google to group your site’s theme with relevant websites. In addition, this will also be useful for determining the target audience.

Make Ad Copy

Ad copy is one way to create promotional headlines. However, you shouldn’t do it haphazardly. Because, it will determine whether the sales target is interested in the product or not.

In this section, only a maximum of 30 characters is provided, while the ad content can be more, which is up to 80 characters. So, here you really have to create a solid, concise, and clear ad copy, and don’t forget the attractive and selling elements.

Determining the Budget

Then to be able to use Google AdWords, you also need to determine the required budget, because it is a paid service. You just don’t have to worry about spending too much money, especially if you feel like you’re losing.

Because payments are only made by the method per click. So if anyone opens the ad it means they are definitely interested and you have to pay for it. However, if no one chooses, then there is no need to spend any money.

Create Payment Method

Google provides a wide variety of payment methods. Moreover, the users are people from all over the world. However, for this local area, you can choose to use a credit card or via bank transfer.

Google Adwords Payment Mechanism

Regarding the cost of advertising on Google Adwords, there are several payment methods implemented by this feature, including:

Pay per 1,000 Impressions (Pay per Thousand Impressions)

Those who advertise on Google Adwords will be charged advertising fees, for every thousand people who see the ad. This method is suitable to be applied to see how much awareness is built from the advertisements that are installed.

Pay per Click (Pay per Click)

Advertisers will be charged advertising fees, every time someone clicks on the ad. If the audience only sees the ad, without visiting the advertised product site, it will not be charged anything.

Cost per Conversion (Pay per Conversion)

Fees will only be charged when advertising objectives are met. For example, the expected purpose of advertising is for the audience to register for member accounts to purchase products. Thus, the advertiser only pays for each goal accomplished.

Business people who take advantage of this Google Adwords feature mean that they have taken a step forward in the world of digital business. This feature can increase brand awareness of the sale of advertised products. So, it becomes the right digital marketing strategy.

Benefits of Google AdWords

After you know what Google AdWords is, of course, you will be more curious about what are the benefits of Google AdWords for the development of your business. Promotion is one way to increase business. One of the promotional strategies is to advertise on Google AdWords. The following are the benefits that you will get if you advertise on Google AdWords.

Ease of Targeting Ads

Google AdWords really frees its users to manage and manage the ads that are created. Where you can target a specific audience who has an interest in the business or product you offer. You can use keywords related to your business and product.

So if someone types in the keywords you are targeting, your business or product will appear in the search results. In addition to using keywords, you can also target specific audiences by setting demographics such as location, age, language, time of day, and even the device used.

Traffic will go up faster and targeted

Google AdWords uses a PPC (Pay Per Click) system to calculate your advertising costs. So later your advertising costs will be converted to your website visitors according to the price per click. For example, you advertise IDR 100,000 per day and the rate per click is IDR 1,000 per click. So that later you will get about 100 clicks per visitor which is calculated from your advertising costs per day.

Not just ordinary visitors, but also targeted visitors. Where previously you must have set certain demographics and keywords so that your business or product can appear in search results with certain keywords. So your chances of getting new customers will be even greater.

Website and Business Reputation Will Increase

In the world of digital marketing, there are also SEO techniques where we will optimize the website by targeting certain keywords. You don’t have to worry about SEO on your website being damaged after using ads from Google. Instead, you will benefit because advertising on Google will also help optimize your website.

Sales Turnover Increase

Promoting your business through Google AdWords will certainly increase sales turnover for your business. Because later your business or product will be displayed on the search results page on Google. That way, of course, your chances of getting a lot of visitors will be even greater. The hope is of course that visitors who come can become new customers and buy your product or service.


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