Mobile or Web App, Why it’s Important to Build One

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Developing Mobile Apps vs Web Apps

Everything you looking for is now available on digital, from songs, videos, games, arts, or even a business. In order to survive, businesses need to migrate to digital as it offers more for both clients and companies. To get ahead of competitors, some of the businesses are developing mobile or web apps.

To understand the importance of having an app for your business, first, you need to understand the difference. Mobile apps are not the same as web apps. It’s a little bit tricky to know the difference as it looks almost the same.

First, It is very useful to distinguish between these two. To get a better grasp on this, let’s take a look at the difference between mobile and web apps.

Difference between Mobile and Web App

While the design has similar looks, these two are different products. To show the difference, we can see from how they build, advantages, and the need for internet connections.

Native mobile apps are downloadable versions of the app that is built specifically for Android or iOS. So to build one, it uses a different programming language. On the other hand, a web app is a website (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) with a fluid design that can adapt to the screen size of a smartphone.

Mobile apps are much faster and efficient, but they need to download for an update. While the web app is less complex to build and update regularly without the need to download.

Both mobile app and web apps are using the internet connection. The difference is that some mobile apps can run even without the internet. So, Why is it important to build one for your business?

Benefits of Having Apps for Businesses

If your business is relying on mobile phone usage, you might need a mobile app or a web app. For example, if you run a shipping company, customers need to know the process of the delivery or tracking their package. Therefore, having mobile or web apps are advantageous.

It is very clear that our activity is mostly on mobile phones, and that’s one of the big reason why your business need to build and have one. From the budgeting perspective, building a web app is far cheaper and it is less maintenance cost than a mobile app. But if your company is focusing more on efficiency and speed, the mobile app is where you go.

Today, everyone is rushing to accelerate digitalization in their businesses. Not every company has the capabilities to build one or has the digital talent to support this idea.

Take a look at Indonesia for example. Many businesses and the government are pushing digitalization but still lacking digital talent. Thankfully, many tech startups and companies in Indonesia can provide the need.

One of them is Sagara Technology that engaged in technology. They continue to strive to create great ideas and invest time in product development that contributes to the future of technology. To grow your business from website, mobile apps and even IoT, feel free to reach us and learn more.

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