LMS Benefits For Digital Talents in 2022

the benefits of lms

LMS benefits is a breakthrough made to create new talents that can adapt to the digital world. Because of the pandemic, all activities must be carried out remotely, both studying and working, although there are certain works that must remain in direct contact. Learning management system, abbreviated as LMS, is software that helps with activities in training and learning.

The use of LMS for this modern era is much needed, such as e-learning activities that require a software system that can provide services to deliver learning. The learning and teaching process is currently beginning to involve technology so that teachers and students can have technology-related expertise.

It is important to be able to adapt in this fast-paced era because like a training or learning process, it must be done anywhere and anytime without being limited by distance and time.

Using an LMS also offers many benefits such as:

1. The more efficient learning process

2. The costs incurred are less because it is not necessary to only meet face-to-face with LMS

3. Can be done anywhere and anytime

4. Material or content can be stored and managed

5. Learning materials can be more varied, such as videos, animations, sounds, pictures

6. More independent to be able to learn and understand on their own regarding the existing material

7. Chats or groups are available for discussion, be it for fellow students learning or with mentors teaching

However, there are also disadvantages when using an LMS, namely:

1. Must have a device that can be used to use LMS

2. Need a good and stable internet connection

3. Sometimes there are communication problems like asking for a mentor, but the new mentor is online the next day

4. Can not physically face to face

In addition to the pros and cons of using LMS, there are several LMS software that can be used frequently, especially in Indonesia, such as Moodle, Google Classroom, Edmodo, Schoology, SEVIMA EdLink. The e-learning software mentioned earlier has features that can support the learning process so that it can run smoothly.

So what are the interesting features of the LMS?

The features in question are any services provided by an LMS software such as administration, registration, training, reports, examinations, quizzes, testing, assessment, communication, see progress, collaboration, provision of educational and interesting content, customization (can tailor to your needs).

With the LMS benefits, it is hoped that it can provide a learning experience and add new insights by engaging digital and technology. LMS can give birth to new digital talents that can later contribute a lot in education and in the world of work.

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