Marketing Automation: Do Marketing More Effectively and Efficiently

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has benefits for business people because it can allow businesses to run marketing automatically.

Before you know what the benefits of marketing automation are, it’s a good idea to first know things related to marketing automation.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a platform that can help the marketing team market business products in an easier, more effective and efficient way. This platform is part of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application.

Simply put, it refers to software that automates your marketing.

Before going too far, take a look at some of the studies on marketing automation and its effectiveness. Here are the two main points:

  • The results are not worth the investment: Marketers see that this platform often does not provide a return that is worth the investment.
  • Those who buy rarely use all of the features it provides: Most who invest in this platform buy more than what they use – they are overwhelmed by complexity, never set it up properly, and never take advantage of the advantages that marketing automation has.

How Marketing Automation Works

According to Marketo, marketing automation, whether in software or conceptual form, has 3 main components. The three components are:

Engagement Hub

Engagement Hub is a database component of this platform that stores data on communication or marketing targets (or in marketing terms, these communication targets are called Leads).

Automation Engine

An automation engine is needed to provide automation of a series of processes and marketing activities in particular, and business in general.

Analytics Engine

After the automation of a series of processes and activities is carried out, it is necessary to measure the performance of the automation.

For example, in the automation of communication activities, it is necessary to measure how effectively the communication is received.

Therefore, it is very important to review performance and stay active in improving the system and the automated communication method used.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

This platform is useful for increasing business sales by maintaining your relationship with customers. In addition, some other benefits if you implement marketing automation in your business are as follows:

Increased Productivity

In general, automation will indeed bring about increased efficiency and effectiveness of a series of existing processes.

The number of time users can be more efficient which can be a measure of the success of implementation.

Save Time and Money

This platform can reduce manual and repetitive tasks thereby saving time and money. So you don’t have to do these things manually.

Increasing the Company’s Financial Profit

Marketing and sales activities can be more focused because there is alignment and simplification in the process. The presence of data from the analysis of processes and activities is also useful as a guide.

For example, based on available data, it is possible to know what kind of communication message is most suitable for a particular market segment. 

Increasing the Company’s Revenue

The increase in productivity, as explained, will of course also play a role in increasing the company’s revenue.

Improve Customer Experience

It can be useful for improving the customer experience through targeted personalization according to the needs of each customer. So you can easily analyze the needs of your customers. This method can increase customer confidence in your business because you prioritize their needs.

How to Implementation

Lead Generation

“Does my organization have a process for or capable of generating Leads?”

This platform does help Leads Generation. Even so, Leads Generation activities themselves cannot depend 100% on this platform.

If your organization does not have a contact list to contact or is not ready to carry out contact collection activities and target market data, then your organization is not ready to use it.


This platform has a function to help communicate with the target market. Therefore, marketing automation relies heavily on communication content.

This is because the main strength of this platform is delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time, in the right way, automatically.

If your company or organization already has a content creator, then you are ready to do marketing automation from this aspect.


If your organization or company already has certain sales processes that have the potential for improvement, then this platform could be perfect for you.

There is an Allocation of Resources

For marketing automation to run optimally, there must be an adequate allocation of resources.

It is necessary to ensure that an organization has sufficient staff or can add staff to carry out marketing automation activities.

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