Software as a Service Impact on Software Industry

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Software as a Service

Remember when every software you want is on a disk? You have to buy the disk and install it on your computer to use the software. But the thing is it can only be used on that one computer. While cloud computing becomes a thing, the software company is also changing by using Software as a Service (SaaS).

The advanced development of cloud computing fundamentally change how the software industry operates. By hosting their software, software companies can cut the cost of using disk to install and transfer to SaaS.

One of the SaaS products that are commonly used is Office 365, where you can open your file on multiple devices. But why do many software companies change their service by using SaaS?

Reasons of using Software as a Service for companies

There are many reasons why Individual Software Vendor (ISV) is moving towards SaaS. Not only it benefits the company, but customers can feel the benefits of SaaS. By looking at the benefits, it can tell clearly why ISV is transferring to SaaS. And here are some benefits of using Software as a Service:

Expanding the market and acquire new customers

The software company that develops SaaS versions of their software, can offer a lot to customers. By having SaaS products, ISV can sell to a more customer base and unlock new segments. this is because SaaS offer cheaper cost and ease of use on multiple devices.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

One of the SaaS benefits is cheaper to maintain. Using unified infrastructure helps customer to lower their cost on the operation. Other than that, customers can relieve themselves of the complexity of their hardware infrastructure and the compatibility issues.

Integration on Cloud Services

The integration on Cloud Service means the customer is gaining more value. Cloud platform ecosystem brings minimal integration and less requirement to use. Many companies using SaaS can add more features and capabilities to their products.

Customers Ask for Software as a Service

The customer is always looking for a fast and reliable product. With many devices lingering around, cross-platform become a basic requirement of a product. This means the customer can access their data anywhere and anytime.

SaaS Impact on Software Industries

Looking at the many benefits above, many companies have to shift their product to SaaS. ISV don’t have to transfer all their product on SaaS, but they can make a version it. By using SaaS products, ISV can compete in the market and helps Cloud Computer development.

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