Accelerate Digitalization through Digital Talent

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Accelerate Digitalization

The digital ‘era’ is surely nothing new. As the world now slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone talks about digitalization again. So, what makes it become a new trend again if the digital part is not new? the answer is pace.

The pace of adopting technology is a very crucial part. After the emergence of the virus, everyone needs to stand on their own feet before another disruption came to rise.

Organizations or businesses must adapt and change now. Let’s take a look at Indonesia, how they take advantage of pandemics to adopt technological change.

Digitalization Pace in Indonesia

As the government began to push Indonesia towards the digital era, many elements support this decision. From state-owned enterprises, startups, and other businesses have already adopted technology on their system.

The development of digital talent is also very important, as the adoption began to roll out. To fulfill the digital needs, Indonesia through KOMINFO created Digital Talent Scholarships. It is a way to grow digital talent and give them the needed skills for the industries.

The digital transformation process is not always going smoothly. Indonesia is facing great challenges from its people. Not many are aware of the importance of digital talent. A better promotion strategy is enough to solve this problem.

Aside from that, Indonesia is still focusing on building a better infrastructure to support digitalization. If this challenge can be solved, Indonesia can take advantage will be the biggest digital economy in Southeast Asia.

Startup Role on Accelerating Digital Transformation

To help Indonesia reach digital transformation, other elements like startups play an important role. Many startups in Indonesia are built based on technological advantage. They try to streamline business processes and deliver faster service.

Some businesses are also struggling to adapt the technological change due to a lack of digital talent. they are facing a dilemma to recruit professionals or train their workers with digital skills. Thankfully the roadmap of digital transformation is already there.

To tackle the short supply of digital talent in Indonesia, a startup that focuses on technology like Sagara is ready to help accelerate digitalization. Having many professionals in technology, Sagara offers many digital services to businesses.

From building a website to smart devices, Sagara Technology helps your businesses in digital transformation. This also accelerates digitalization in Indonesia. So, are you ready to accelerate digitalization and implement technology in your business? If you want to know more about tech, be sure to learn more.


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