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Data Fabric

What is Data Fabric? Technology Trends for 2022

Data Fabric is one of the technologies that is expected to trend in 2022 because it is increasingly sought after for its development and utilization into a system that can process large-scale data.

Increasing Digital Talent ITS and Sagara

Increasing Digital Talent, ITS Joins Sagara #GoBIGInDigital

Collaborative actions of government, businesses, and also educational institution plays an important role in digital transformation. Indonesia’s goal to arouse the digital economy needs to focus on increasing digital talent as the technology is already available. The governments have set their goal to reach digital transformation through policy-making, and businesses are already transforming their system ...

Accelerate Digitalization

Accelerate Digitalization through Digital Talent

The digital ‘era’ is surely nothing new. As the world now slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone talks about digitalization again. So, what makes it become a new trend again if the digital part is not new? the answer is pace. The pace of adopting technology is a very crucial part. After the emergence ...

Internet of Things vs Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things vs Artificial Intelligence, What is the difference?

The rapid development of technology is cool, yet challenging. It starts with basic things like smartphones, laptops, or even tablets. There are also smarter technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that changes our life and business. Everyone needs to learn and adapt this technology in order to keep up with ...

The Government’s Role in Encouraging Digital Transformation through Digital Talent Development

On this occasion, Sagara, who, this time, was represented by Mutiara Aulia, had the opportunity to hold a talk show with Hary Budiarto, the head of Balitbang SDM Kominfo, to discuss the role of the government in encouraging digital transformation in society. With the current pandemic, there are several advantages to the technology sector, especially ...

How Digital Transformation Changes Your Business.

Jakarta – At this opportunity, the Sagara Technology team had the opportunity to hold a talk show entitled Sagara x Leader with Muhammad Suhada as VP IT Blue Bird Group. He has experience in software development. Digital transformation is not about the technology but includes 3 pillars; organization & culture must be prepare to be ...